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Century Radikal E640 - Swift 16 NX
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11-26-2006 04:54 PM  11 years agoPost 1


Stockholm Sweden

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OK, as I first time flyer (only thing in RC that I have tried is RC cars so very very new) I have decided to try the swift 16. My questions are as follows:

Since I'm a newbie I do not need all the fancy stuff but a package that will get me through hovering to mild 3D.

So what will I need in regard to:
*gyro/servo for gyro
*radio(receiver, transmitter, servos, FM/PCM

I guess I have listed everything I will need for flying but my question is of course what would be the most suitable for me.

Any suggestions?



11-26-2006 05:37 PM  11 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Northamptonshire, England

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Welcome to the exciting world of helis then

A lot of your decision regarding components may hinge on where you live, in the UK for instance we have a nice package deal which comes with the kit, speed controller, motor and a 4s1p Lipo for good value. Add to this radio, gyro, servo's and a charger and your away.
The US to offer deals, but I am not aware of them personally.
In this case I will offer you answers to your questions based one what I do know.

1. Motor, I think I will suggest the newly released Century 600+. Reason I say this is that it appears to produce good power and all from a stock 4s1p Lipos and so running costs to buy another battery will be good. Plus is has enough power to take you on and into aggresive 3D.

2. Radio wise, I am a JR man and love the ease of programming a JR set. Futaba are equally as good, but I prefer JR. Bottom line and I always say this to new guys, is buy the best you can afford. If your really interested in giving this hobby a go then buy the best you can now and not grow out of it in a few months, meaning more money on another set to keep you progressing. In the JR Range I can suggest the 9303(US) or in the UK it's badged 9XII.

3. You cant beat a Futaba GY401 & S9254 servo to compliment it. For the money these little gyro's work well. I run one in my Predator Turbine so that tells you something.

4. Match this to your radio and your budget. The eCCPM controls though, 3 in all, need to be all the same make and type. Digital servo's are best, but make sure you have a half decent NiCAD/NiMh receiver battery to power them with.
I will definetly say fly PCM as well, some like the fact FM(PPM) will show any interference setting in. But electrics are by nature prone to interference and so PCM is designed to filter out the good signals from the bad.

5. I currently use the Castle Creations 60A ESC, it runs well and is capable of the loads. Again like the radio there are many makes available, this item may come as part of a shop deal package and so this decision may be taken away from you.
The Century Electron range of ESC's are also very good from what I hear, but I am yet to try one myself.
Another consideration to ESC's is if you fancy trying the much talked about Emoli cells, I wont go into detail here as there is plenty of topics in this forum about them to read. Try and search a few and decide if this may appeal to you for cheaper running costs, if so then the one to go for is the Castle Creations HV45 as it is capable of handling the cell count.

6. Having flown two makes I can comment on both. Flightpower is one make you hear alot about, Thunder Power while equally as good I am sure but I have not tried.
I now fly Over-Tech Poly PRO LiPo's, same cell manufacturer (Enerland) as Flightpower but with spacers between each cell which helps air circulate through the packs to aid cooling in harsh environments.
These packs are running very well and proving reliable and powerful, I run 6s.

7. Charger, again many available and most can cater for a wide range of battery types. I now use a Schulze Chamaleon Charger 6-330d, which will charge any cell you can think of practically. It isn't the cheapest but works well.
Again see what your pocket allows and what the shop has to offer, I will say get one that is capable of charging your radio gear as well then you can have one charger for all.

8. I'll add this one, get your model, build it and start enjoying it
Definetly seek professional help from someone who knows what they are doing to help set the model up and at the same time show you what they are doing so you learn at the same time.

Keep us informed how you get on.

Ian Contessa
Team Robbe SchluterUK
Midland Helicopters

11-26-2006 05:37 PM  11 years agoPost 3


Swanage, Dorset - UK

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Where abouts are you? I ask as I may have a swift up for grabs!

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11-26-2006 07:07 PM  11 years agoPost 4


Kent, UK

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I second everything Coolice has written, excellent advice as always. One point on radio choice, if you are going to join a club (highly recommended) then go see what radio they fly. My club is totally Futaba. If you need to ask questions about set-up's or go on a buddy box link while training it will be easier if you use the same kit.

Graham S.

11-26-2006 07:40 PM  11 years agoPost 5

rrKey Veteran

Birmingham, UK

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Just to throw something different into the pot, you may want to consider a CSM SL720 gyro. I've recently fitted one to my Swift to replace a CSM SL420 gyro which was a little lacking compared to the Futaba 401 and used with the JR 8700g servo I'm using at the moment its much better than the 401/9254 combo I have on my Trex 600 and the 8700g servo is slower than the 9254, I'm seriously thinking of replacing the 401 with another SL720.

Steve -Trex 700N, Trex 600N, Raptor 550E, 450SE, Mini Titan, Logo 5003D, Beam E4

11-26-2006 07:50 PM  11 years agoPost 6


Stockholm Sweden

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here is package I have found

And thank you for your responds. I live in Sweden and have this package that they will sell for about $800. What do you think?

Swift 3D Pro
Swift ARF
3 Futaba 3151
Futaba 401/S9254
Z30 motor
Align 75A ESC, Governor
CSRC-6S2P 22,2v 4000mA

11-26-2006 08:18 PM  11 years agoPost 7


Davie, Florida

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That combo should kick a--. It is almost what I am building.

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Century Radikal E640 - Swift 16 NX
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