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St.Paul, Minnesota

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I am assembling a Corona and when installing the blade grips it says "Do not over-tighten the bolts, They will be adjusted later..." Ok, the rest of the head is "Should move very freely", my question is should the blade grips where they attach to the feathering plate also move "Very freely"?

I find that the grips are a snug fit to the feathering plate (not tight, but a drag fit). I think the blades will have enough force to move the grips into the proper angle (Lead/Lag)once spinning. Should this be a Loose fit?

Yes, I have been cleaning down the Molding Flash as assembling and that has helped a lot so far.


I have sanded/filed the Feathering Plate and Teeter so they "Move very freely" as per Construction Manual.

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Westchester County, New York

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On the flapping bolt (between grip and blade) I usually tighten snug then back off about 1/2 to 3/4 turn to get that small flapping motion. On the lead lag bolt I tighten them until the blades are snug but move slightly if touched. Others make them so loose that the blades drop when the heli is tilted sideways, but I've flown (with good results) when the lead lag bolts were rather snug. Experiment, the Corona is very forgiving.

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