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10-27-2006 05:28 PM  12 years ago
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airwolf daz


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remote gain uses
im running a heli with a govener and a gy 502 gyro im unshure weather to use the gain on the reciver so that i can alter the gain of the gyro automaticaly or to use it so i can alter the speeds of the govener automatically what method does any of you use does it work well thanks

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10-27-2006 08:19 PM  12 years ago

rrKey Veteran

High Crompton, Manchester. UK

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Now here's the thing!

It's great to be able to alter these parameters remotely. BUT, once they're set you probably won't have to touch them again, and if you have to, how much hassle is it to land the heli and do a quick tweak?
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