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10-27-2006 01:06 PM  12 years ago
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Cold and ESC's
Any one ever had a problem with cold effecting the throttle. last weekend at 45 deg I lost throttle control the motor (hacker) would start and speed up by itself with no control at the stick. I did have control of all other functions. I crawled under the spinning rotors of death and pulled a battery connection. NOT FUN or SAFE. Any Ideas this happened about the same time last year but was fine all summer.

My setup Raptor 50V2

Hacker B50 16XL

Jeti 77 heli controller


3Cell and a 4 cell 8000mah lipo in series.

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10-27-2006 07:32 PM  12 years ago

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I've had motors not arm on hot days, so I always set the end points on the radio for a little more travel than necessary just to make sure the ESC will always arm.

I've had ESCs keep running for several seconds after loosing the connection from ESC to receiver (in a crash)- so the model keeps trying to dig it's way further into the ground. Not funny at the time, but hilarious later.

I've flown electrics at and below freezing- there is some loss of power if the batteries are cold, but if you keep the batteries warm the ESC and motor actually perform better than on a warm day (and the increased air density also helps the performance). Never had an ESC not shutoff.

Do you have glitch problems in normal weather? If the motor and ESC are both cold, the current draw can be higher making any glitching more noticeable.
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