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10-26-2006 04:47 AM  12 years ago
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Bloomfield, CT - usa

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Burned Motor, but I'm happy
Actually, it was just the wires to my JGF 450TH. We're still not sure why, but after preflight it overloaded and melted the wires the second I moved the throttle from full off.

JGF is working with me to get it replaced, no complaints on that front, it's just one of those interesting things. Luckily it appears nothing else was damaged. My CC35 has some melted shrink wrap where the wires happened to be touching but no damage I can find or test for without another motor to actually spin up. I must say, it was a very pretty puff of smoke coming out from under the canopy.

Oh, and in case someone's wondering, the motor was removed AFTER the incident. I had to pull it out to get the wires far enough over to photograph. It still turns normally by hand, no binding in the drive train... I'm thinking internal short but I'm sure JGF will check it out when they get it.

This was a new motor for me, so I don't have extensive experience with it, but I was very impressed with it. Power was everything I could have asked for. It didn't seem to slow down at ALL, much less bog. Idle 2 and 100% throttle would actually audibly spool up almost instantly during transition from low RPM/neg pitch to high throttle/pitch and the heli went upward like a shot even with my esc set to tone down throttle response a bit. It didn't get hot, my esc and battery were warm but not hot after flight and I got pretty good flight times out of the 1850mah 15C DN pack. I used a 13t pinion and mostly just cruised around and hovered while I got the heli trimmed out, but I was pleased with run times. I'm not sure exactly how long, I didn't time them, bad I know. Personally, I can't wait for the replacement so I can boost the throttle response and try a higher discharge rate pack and see what a T-Rex shaped rocket ship looks like going upward.

In short, thank you to the folks who suggested JGF, and the 450TH in particular. Despite my bad luck with whatever actually happened I'm very happy with the performance, particularly given the price tag. I was expecting much less oomph.
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10-26-2006 11:14 AM  12 years ago


Tinton Falls, NJ

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Before even putting in the new motor, I would suggest finding your problem. What you have is a very dangerous situation there, and could easly cause a total lose fire.

Check to see if your motor shorted out (not sure about how you can check this anymore, but I guess taking the can off, and seeing how it looks inside could be one way), and also have someone check out your esc to see if something is wrong with a cap. or something like that which would cause a very high discharge.
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