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10-26-2006 04:35 AM  12 years ago
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Kolkata, India

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Hi all,

I've been struggling to get my gv-1 working and initially thought there was something going on with it. Now I think maybe it's something else. I think the GV is working bcoz the rpm screen corresponds to the Tx inputs.

Flew it around in hover mode with the Gv engaged at 1500 and also in idleup1 in 1650. No problem. Head speed constatnt.I can get the motor to hold a constant head speed of 1650 and do a nice loop and some stationary flips. Once I increase the head speed to 1750 though, the motor sputters and dies.

Here's my set-up. In normal it is -6/+9, Idleup 1 it is -9/+9, Idleup 2 it is -9/+9. Using a OS50 Hyper with a hatori pipe. Fuel with 5% Nitro, Gy 401, 9202 on throttle, 9254 on Rudder and all other servos 9252.

thank you,
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10-26-2006 05:08 AM  12 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Long Island, N.Y.

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Try flying with the governor off and adjust your curves to give that same 1750 headspeed. See what it does. If it still dies it's not the governor.
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