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10-26-2006 03:23 AM  12 years ago
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East Amherst, NY

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gv-1 setup question
I have set up my gv-1 on my rap 50 and it was actually pretty straight forward. The tach is right on with the gov settings. Here is my problem... I have set the idle, high and stop and it goes like this... Start up, switch on ch8 to activate gov, engage stick, gov is going strong. Idle up or normal (it does not know the dif) but when I come down, the gov does not cut off (in normal mode) automatically.

Should the gov cut off automatically as the stick is returned to idle position? As it is, I have to switch off ch8 to deactivate the gov. My concern is that in a crash, the gov will keep pushing on until I hit the throttle kill... I realize that in idle up, same result. So many switches to check. Also, my throttle hold will not engage with the gov on. Is that normal?

I have read throught the futaba manual a few times, I just don't read futaba-ese very well.
10-26-2006 05:12 AM  12 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Long Island, N.Y.

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If you have the governor set to engage with the throttle stick then you shouldn't be throwing any switch. That switch should be left in the on position all the time. Throttle hold will turn the governor off as long as your hold position is below the point at which the governor kicks on. I've been told it's 19% throttle. As long as your idle up curves are set for more than 19% throttle the governor will stay on at low stick.
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10-26-2006 06:22 AM  12 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Corvallis, OR

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Should the gov cut off automatically as the stick is returned to idle position
It will if you enable the StSw function. If you don't enable StSw, the governor will stay on until you turn it off with the On/Off switch.
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