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10-25-2006 02:15 PM  12 years ago


160ft off the deck 10ft from 400,000 volts - U.K.

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Ahh at last, I think i've just found out the name for this unknown black clunk line my friend was given.

Another friend has offered me his remaining tubing as he's gone electric and gone gone.... I can't get in touch with him

Noelllllllll...... come backkkkkkkkkk......

Is there anywhere in the UK that stocks Hayes clunkline? or is it a US derived product? I asked at Midland but they don't know of any clunkline other than clear tubing.

Would I be correct in thinking I would not need to purge my 90se tanks, as the breather pipe is vented to the atmosphere and not connected to my Hatori jobbie. Whereas my 50 would need purging as it operates under MPII muffler pressure.

If I can get my oily mits on some, would you recommend letting it sit in a small bath of fuel, before installation? That way I wouldn't need to "guesstimate" the correct length.
Regards Matti
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10-25-2006 02:31 PM  12 years ago


UK. Herts

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I could not find anywhere in the UK that stocks hayes, that's why I ordered it from Ricks in the US.
With regard to soaking in fuel before installation, I don't think it's necessary because when it dries (empty tank), it shrinks back to it's original size (as I have just discovered). When you do install it, just remember that it's length increases by 10% when wetted with fuel. I must find out how long this process takes. I'll post results in a short while.
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10-29-2006 01:33 AM  12 years ago


Indianapolis, IN - USA

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Blue Aerotrend works great!Indy Jeweler
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10-30-2006 03:24 PM  12 years ago



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it sucks
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10-30-2006 03:40 PM  12 years ago

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West London, United Kingdom

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I've switched to using the K&S "Kink-Less" tubing... It's made from the same stuff as your tank but has a concertinaed section, and is incredibly flexible (fitted to my R50).

It doesn't seem to rot with high nitro or exhaust products and so far mine has out lasted every other type of clunk line that I've tried (including Hayes). I also experimented with a “heavy” clunk in combination with regular thick wall tubing, this worked well, but the tubing did eventually degrade... In fact this almost caught me out as I had assumed a false sense of security with the thick walled tubing, interestingly it didn't really last that much longer than the thinner stuff (I’m using 30%).

The only draw back is it a bit fiddly to fit.
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › I got hayes clunk line at last
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