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2 Questions My servos (9252) are mounted and they arnt as tight as my raptor servos. More then a wiggle they can move side to side.
Next what channel for 611 gain.Reciever is r649s pcm. I used aux for the top servo the pitch. I have left aux. 2 3 and 4. Thanks
I normaly fly with the 9chp and raptors but i got the 9303 for 140 mix.

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10-23-2006 10:56 PM  12 years agoPost 2
Furious Predator


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

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are you sure you have the servoes mounted right? mine are rock solid!! the only movement that is allowed on mine is what ever the rubber dameners will provide.

i should mention though that i never liked using them plastic brackets and the screws they come with. instead i use head caps with lock nuts passing through. its a little more difficult to install, but they wont be going anywhere anytime soon.

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10-24-2006 12:24 AM  12 years agoPost 3


Melbourne, Australia

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I found you can CA the plastic brackets to lock the servo's down - although I didn't need to do with with 9252s on cyclic - just the throttle servo was loose.

Sorry I don't remember which AUX channel - maybe 2, just put some settings into the gyro screen and flick the switch while watching the monitor screen to see what moves.


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rrKey Veteran


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Yes that's the problem, sometime the stopper ring jams on the mounting plate making a tight/good fit not possible.

I use the end of a long file to hold the mounting plate as I put
the first servo screw in.

10-24-2006 04:13 AM  12 years agoPost 5
Buzzin Brian


College Station, Texas

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I plug the gain plug into the gear channell on JR radios with that gyro, and set the gain in the gyro so the the gain showing on the screen of the gyro amp reads 37. Leaving the end points on the gear chanell in the radio at 100%. Works great for me. Oh, and I have never had an issue with getting the servos to tighten down in the Vibe when installed the way the manual describes.

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