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10-23-2006 07:15 AM  12 years ago
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Huntington Beach, CA

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Charging Night Blades
I own a crappy Shogun and use some 290mm night blades. I figure I'll ask here, as charging should be similar, and this is a more often viewed forum.

The charger that came with my blades looks exactly like the ones that come with Align's 325 night blades. However, the LEDs on the charger do not follow the little sticker chart. If I plug both blades in, it goes green no matter what. If I just plug in one blade, it will charge for a few minutes, then stop and flicker red. If I touched the wires on the charger, sometimes the LEDs would indicate differently. I took the heatshrink off the little charger and all solder joint look good... so I'm stumped.

First of all, does that charger you guys have work as labeled, or are they all flakey? I could just buy an Align charger and try that.

HOWEVER, I own a Triton and an ICE, and wonder if anyone has ever used a generic hobby charger to charge their blades. I have tried various settings on my chargers, and they all fail to charge the blades. I tried 1S LiPo @ 100mA... doesn't work. I tried NiCd does not work. NiMH 3 cell @ 200mA seems to work, but after 5 mins of charging, it peaks, and a voltmeter shows little to no effect on voltage... ~2.6V

Does anyone know what battery tends to be in these mini heli night blades? Lithium? approx capacity?

--Farrell F.

10-24-2006 12:14 AM  12 years ago
Sam Verlander


Hampton,Virginia - USA

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I have a set of the Hawk 325 night blades and I am sure they have a Lipo, probably a 1s. It sounds like the batteries have gone bad. When I got mine one blade would hold a charge twice as long as the other and now the one blade will only light for 5 minuets before it's dead. The good blade wile charging the led is red and when it's charged it turns green. The bad blade starts red but within 3 minuets it starts alternating between red and green slow at first then faster. I would say your batteries are toast. I just ordered a new set of the Align 325. I hope the connectors are better than the Hawk blades but I fear they may be one in the same.
Heres my first night flight
In Virginia
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