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09-10-2006 05:21 AM  14 years ago
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Canton, Michigan

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I was just wondering how many people swap/bought Reflex after they purchase G3. I like the online feature and the instructional video but to me it's missing something in physics. Maybe my configuration is off but after flying my Trex for over a week now and flying the trex's/mx400 pro that I have downloaded something is really off.

I know nothing is going to be the exact as far as feel but I truly feel that the support for heli's and the physic is lacking. Now I haven't tried any other sim except fms but I was wondering how many people actually switch from G3 to Reflex or Reflex to G3. I am really considering buying reflex and selling my G3 if I like reflex better. Or trading with someone who want to try G3.

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