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09-10-2006 03:36 AM  14 years ago
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Hutchinson, Kansas-USA

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countershaft failure.
Today had a countershaft failure. It had worn down to about 1/8" diameter then the drive gear parted company. Fortunately I was only 3 feet from landing. I note one should check the bearing according to earlier posts. Don't you have to split the frame to do that? Second question- I guess those spacers should be tight against the 5x13 bearing to "preload" the bearing-- Is this correct? What grade of locktite do you use to insure that the bearing will not spin on the shaft?
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09-10-2006 04:04 AM  14 years ago


Topeka, Ks - USA

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I'm certainly no expert but, if you haven't read it already, I think this thread will answer most of your questions about how to handle the wear on the counter shaft.

I haven't put it to the test yet but, based on the research I did on Loctite products, I decided to use the 609 grade.

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