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09-09-2006 01:29 AM  14 years ago
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pleaseee help guyz..newbie here...
well guyz this is my first post out here. I had been reading a lot of other forums until i finally came to After having gone through the topics out here i feel the members here are really very professional and ofcourse very cooperative and helpful. Ok now let me come to the point for which i seek help and advices from you people.

As for me am a totally new guy in this R.C heli flying thing. Its just been a while that this thing has gotten into my nerves and i just cant wait to make my bird fly under the command of my fingers. As for now am practising in a esky simulator which uses a fms platform. I know its not a very nice sim but i was restricted to my budget so couldn't afford for a g3.

After having read some forums and lil research into this i have decided to get a e-sky honeybee cp2 as for my first helicopter. I know some say that for a beginner a blade cx or lama or picollo would be good but the thing is i cant just keep on buying heli cause am restricted to my budget so for me its gonna be a one time shot. Also i reside in india and finding a decent r.c heli is like finding ghots out here..hee i have to depend on online internet stores and bear extra charges for shipping+custom duty of 35% on the total cost of the heli. Well as am in india i had to find an online store located in asia(probaply near china and stuff) cause shipping would be low from there, and so i choose for this site As you guyz have a lot of experience regarding crashes and spare parts to own i am thinking to order these spare parts along with my cp2..kindly see to it if am missing something imporatant that i would be needing. po battery 2200mah set of training gear
3.tail motor
4.main motor
5.2 sets of tail blade
5.heat sink for both the motors bars
7.skid set
8.2 sets of plastic rotor blades
9.pitch gauge

this is what i have thought of ordering along with my i know a very little about what parts generally get damaged in a crash it would be a great help if you guyz could state the parts that are important and not in my list.

other things i would like to know...

Is my decession correct for buying the cp2 ?
i am going to order for a mode 2 model it correct?
will the 2200 mah battery be too heavy for the cp2?

Lastly has any one had experience with and if anyone knows better online stores which are asia based say hong kong, china etc..cause its near to india and shipping would cost less.

hoping to get some help here...
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09-09-2006 02:54 PM  14 years ago



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i feel sooo bad that nobody has tried to post in a reply and help me..i thought runryder was a helpful community...
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09-09-2006 03:14 PM  14 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Chesapeake, VA

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This is a really helpful community. You just got to be patient. I read your post earlier but I don't know anything about the E-Sky Honeybee CP2. Have you tried to post this question on the electrics side of the site. You might get a little faster response. Like I said, be patient. If you ask it, someone will respond with an answer.

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09-09-2006 03:19 PM  14 years ago


Essex. UK

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Don't feel bad. I read this earlier, but I haven't had any dealings with internet stores in that part of the world. So I couldn't help you, sorry

I HAVE used FMS, and I found it helped with regard to orientation. But it is nothing like the real thing, and nowhere as good as G3 or Reflex. It will get you started, but don't be fooled into thinking it will get you in the air okay.

I don't know much about the Honeybee, so can't help there either, sorry

Someone will come along and help, don't worry. Maybe they are all out flying their helis, and will be back later

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09-09-2006 11:47 PM  14 years ago


Brisbane,Queensland- Australia

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i can't help much on your choice of heli (e-sky honeybee cp2) as i just have no idea how they fly.
i think your battery choice is to large going on its rotar size of 515 mm. a 1500 may be a better choice but i'm only guessing.
sorry that i haven't been of much (if any) help.
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09-10-2006 06:02 AM  14 years ago


Somewhere In The Adirondack Mountains

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You will also want an extra main mast, feathering shafts, main gear, a blade balancer, tracking tape, a tail boom, a screw set and if im not mistaken the tail blade is held on with a piece of tubing that gets lost when it pops off.
09-14-2006 11:47 PM  14 years ago


Houston, Texas- USA

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Hi.... I’d like to help!!!! I fly a Blade Cp Helicopter they say it's cheap and the parts are also cheap.... which is really true.. now that's one help for there buddy. if u haven't buy your helicopter yet buy a blade cp..I dnt knw if you have seen it but im pretty sure you'll like it. rc helicopter is hard to fly when...1 you don’t know how it works.2 don’t know how to adjust things to make it balance... like leveling the right pitch... 3 when you cant distinguish why it's not flying or hovering... like maybe ur pitch is too low and you don’t know what is really wrong with it so you thought that maybe my battery is defective....I learned this things based on my experience.... I've never even lift my blade cp off the ground before because I don’t have any Idea hw to adjust my pitch and everything... But if you all know this should be good to go then for a blade cp or any electric rc helicopter you want...the only reason why beginners are advised to buy a cx or any smaller copters is because it doesn’t require lots of adjustments... it's your call man I wont be so persuasive about Blade cp but I tell ya it's cheap only about $219 and most of the parts are $5, $2, and some parts are in package like a crash kit, 3c enhancement kit upgrade..... one thing about blade cp is it has a weak main shaft....ha-ha hard to accept that but yeah... so buy as many main shaft gear as you want and about ten sets of blades....flat bottom blades don’t attempt to have the 3d blades yet coz it's a bit hard to control for beginners and could cause you allot especially for beginners... as long as the helicopter you have is in perfect pitch your good to hover...don’t forget your trainer balancers it's for you prevent blade and upper part damages...

Thins you need for blade CP....nothing!!! its ready to fly and " factory tested" which is true but sometimes the pitch is not properly adjusted, which what happened to me and cost me about a billion yen..... I also suggest to find a local RC helicopter flyer...he doesn't have to be good like ALAN and etc as longs as he/she had experience flying....
Suggested extra things to buy....
1 Main Shaft Gear at least 3 but I suggest 10...allot but yeah it happens and you don’t want a shaky helicopter
2. 5 sets of blades or 5 sets of crash kits which will save you money because a crash kit includes a "main blade, landing skids and fly bars" GUD deal
3. 2 0r 3 Tail motors....
4. tail motor gear drive ( I don’t know what's its called but yeah)
5. at least one main motor...(it only gets damaged by short circuits and sometimes which rarely happens during a hard crash.
6. Lipo battery and charger (its a bit costly but you will have longer flights...

7. any smaller parts like a hardware kit, bearings, tail support, tail boom extra battery if you may. heat sinks, paddle bars anything you can find and afford. the first six that I recommend you was the most important one's Totally all cost would be aboutTotal cost could be large so at least have one extra of this only if you cant afford to buy many of this thing about buying many from the internet is it would cost you less for shipping and handling....
Warning...Blade cp's or any transmitter or controllers are very sensitive don’t drop it or move it harshly
Speaking about lipos.... i suggest to buy a blade CP pro which is already aerobatic enhance... I know its not for beginners but it will save you money when you want to have longer flights or have a lipo battery Regular blade cp to a blade cp pro for cost.....blade cp is about $219 with out lipo battery....with lipo it will cost you about $ 350 dollars.... with a blade pro you have a lipo battery for only $250 dollars now that's a hundred dollar less..
now a blade cp pro is not for beginners but you will only have to buy a FLAT BOTTOM BLADE TO make it suitable for beginners...wise plan is it? No you have blade cp pro with a flat bottom blade, with longer flights and saved you a lot of money................ Anyone should agree with this..... [B][I][U] If anything confuse you or any questions from this post feel free to ask...I know how it feels to be in a third world country coz i came from there.... I really wish you good luck and advanced happy flying for you my friend.....
09-30-2006 04:46 AM  14 years ago


Utah, USA

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The Honeybee CP2 is a good airframe, which is similar (if not identical) to the Blade CP in more ways than not. I started on a Honeybee FP (fixed pitch) which made the transition to flying the CP easy because the FP is SQUIRLEY!. The CP2 is squirley unless you have it set up correctly. Pay attention the the main rotor blade pitch curves. If the heli yo-yo's when you lift it off the ground, you need to do one of two things: Increase pitch angle if the head speed is high, or reduce pitch angle if the pitch angle is too low. You really need to dive in and figure out the workings of the heli. Trial and error is the key. The Honeybee and Blade are essentially the same heli (many parts interchangable)but I have found that you have to get to their guts to understand what is happening to understandand them. The HUGE battery you propose is not good. Think weight vs. power for what you want to do. I have a HB-FP and a HB CP2. I run 2000 Ma batteries in the FP, but can't run them in the CP because they are too heavy. 1300 Mha batteries seem a good combinition for the CP. Be patient, for the skill will come.
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