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09-08-2006 05:09 PM  14 years ago
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How to replace 9650 case
Plain stupidy on my part causes my TREX SE to hit the ground and broke a couple things (dumb dumb newbie ).

Now I have broken tab on the 9650, both side and normal tab. I bought the replacement case for the 9650 but after taking apart the servo, I cannot seem to get the electronic out of the case in order to replace the whole thing.

This is what I got for the case.

I search left and right but cannot find any info.Anyone know how to replace the whole 9650 case? Thanks.
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09-08-2006 05:37 PM  14 years ago


Monterey Park, California

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motor and pot are stuck to the board.

motor is glued to the case, so the first time is harder be very careful.

first push the pot down into the case. it's only held in place by 2 snap tabs

get a screw driver and push the motor out. dont pull from the circuit board side. push the motor straight down and slow/carefully from the top.
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09-09-2006 02:32 AM  14 years ago


Houston, Texas - US

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Must Have
Yeah this happened to me too not too long ago and broke one of the little tabs. I would really recommend using the Micro Heli mount for the S9650 servo. It uses all 4 mounting holes on the servo instead of just 2 like the stock one. It is a lot more rigid. I don't know if you already have it or not but its just a thought.

Raptor 30V2 TT39H Pro, 7CHP
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09-09-2006 03:32 AM  14 years ago



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i use the stock plastic tail servo mounts that align makes. evertime i hit the ground(which is alot)lol the plastic mounts break and the servo case never gets damged. so at this point i dont think ill ever use the metal mounts. i think breaking the plastic align servo mount is better than damaging my 9650!
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁Helicoptere-AlignOther › How to replace 9650 case

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