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09-07-2006 07:04 PM  14 years ago
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Wildcat 30% CY
Early this week, I tried some Wildcat 30%(CY mix) in my OS 70 since it seemd to dislike the Cool Power 15% I've been using. The difference in performance/smoothness/ease of tuning was surprising. I decided that the next gallon I bought would be 30%.
Since I wasn't that familiar with Wildcat fuels, I went to their web site and discovered that they have (2) 30% heli mixes. For a simple "sport flier" is there that much difference between the "normal" heli mix and the Youngblood mix? Is there much of a difference in price between the two? I've seen the CY mix at the LHS, but didn't pay attention to price and I can't remember if they even had the other mix.
Larry Rogers - R/C Helicopter Pilot
09-07-2006 07:10 PM  14 years ago


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the primary difference is that the std. Helimix (non-CY) uses a
thicker oil. This formula is similar to the Coolpower 15 you
were using.

The CY30 is like Coolpower 30 (lots of thinner oil).

If you have switched to CY30 from CP15, you will want to open the
main needle on your engine 4-5 clicks and retune over the following
few tanks. Otherwise, you will probably run on the lean side.
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