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09-06-2006 02:43 AM  14 years ago
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OS 37 leans out...
allot on the Revolution Torpedo muffler after the fuel in the tank gets to around, say 1/4 of a tank left (I have a header tank on it). It was frustrating at first then I figured that maybe the muffler was to small for the OS .37. I have the Toki pipe from the Toki 40 that let go back in July, so I stuck it on the 37. I figured that some others have done this and have had mixed results. Without adjusting the needles (low or high) the engine now runs prefect all the way to empty. It has goobs of power, runs cooler, and it acts like it should (IMO). What did I just do? Need to know as I like to try and remember this kind of stuff for later reference. As a matter of fact it's a different animal now. I was doing my first (very high) funnels this weekend. Felt good too! Looking to go on to flips and inverted stuff soon.


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