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09-05-2006 04:25 PM  14 years ago
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B.C. , Canada

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Okay this is my setup for right now.

I have just put in a Actro 32-3 heli motor w/ CC phoenix HV-85 esc.
The Actro is running the single stage gearing with a 10t pinion.
I have not yet, changed the main gear which came with the originial kit. Its a 90t main gear, so I am running a 9:1 gearing.

I have been told not to run that small of a gear, due to the amount of amps it will pull.

I am only into sports flying right now, no 3D, or any arobec stunts.

My packs are 2 TP 5s4p 8000mah pack.

ON a 10 min. hover, with just basic forward and backward flight, my temps on the motor, esc, and packs never went over 43 Celcius.

When I recharged the packs I put back in 3700 mah's.

Should I still be looking at changing out the main gear, to a 95t or the 100t that came with the single gear kit.

I have my HS at 1850 rpm's, and the esc is setup in governor mode.

Thanks for any advice in advance

09-09-2006 10:27 PM  14 years ago


New York

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In my ion I used about 6000ma in 10 minutes with mild 3D flying.
Dosen't sound like your pulling too much power.
I jugged by temp of motor and battery after a flight.
Battery only just got warm to the touch and motor
ran about 140f.

Hope this helps

09-10-2006 12:13 AM  14 years ago


Redondo Beach, CA

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9:1 is pretty low for the 32-3 on 10S. I am running 9.7:1 on my e-Avant and my max headspeed is in excess of 2000 RPM! I would like to go to 9.9:1. So, you should be able to see that 9:1 is really much too low.

> Should I still be looking at changing out the main gear, to a 95t
> or the 100t that came with the single gear kit.

I would go to at least the 95t. The 100t is worth trying too.

At 9.7:1 and headspeed of 1880 RPM, my Actro is barely above ambient after a flight. Your setup will thank you if you up the gear ratio.

- John
RR rules!
09-10-2006 08:26 AM  14 years ago
FrittsLogic (RIP)


Honolulu, Hawaii

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I think most guys with the 32-3 have gone to the 100T. It's about $40 at Rick's.We don't need no stinking flybars!
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