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09-05-2006 02:44 AM  14 years ago
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Veneta, Oregon

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OK, in keeping with my nose-in lessons, what is/was your technique for learning to do a loop?
I have a stock SE 2100mah battery, 11 tooth. Head speed in the low 2’s

Should you do it with idle up, full throttle, slow forward flight, fast forward flight, nose down to enter the loop or straight and level, into the wind or down wind.

I do not have a Sim and want to learn with out a crash. So I am willing to take baby steps and a long learning curve.

What are the dangers to look out for and how to prevent them like boom strike!

Bob Robeson T-Rex SE, Blade CP
09-05-2006 03:32 AM  14 years ago


St. Louis, MO

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Your head speed seems a bit low. I would consider increasing it at least to the upper 2000's IMO.

There is really no "right" way to loop. But there are things to consider. Altitude is your best friend when trying this - especially without sim practice. Don't try this low.

Idle up 1 or 2 is what you really want. Hopefully your headspead is adjusted properly in these settings.

How you do the loop depends upon what setting you are in - 'cause in idle up modes your throttle curves will be different, and that calls for a different way of using collective.

A suggestion... get your bird moving (i.e. not from a hover), and start down at a slight angle, then start up with collective. Near the top zero out the collective (mid throttle or so). Some people put in some negative collective - sort of a loop/flip. Doesn't look the best but it will help keep the bird up.

Then keep the collective positive around the backside of the loop.

It's harder to explain then actually doing it. But before you try it visualize what you need to do with your sticks. Your cyclic shouldn't need movement.

Good luck and remember, altitude is your best friend here - especially on your first go.
Trex SE.
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09-05-2006 05:07 AM  14 years ago


Oak Hills california

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I would agree with the guy above ...I try to bring it down to zero or just a tad neg. .....but to much will go into inverted hover.

Also I found it helps me to be going into the wind to start the loop so again it does not go into inverted hover, and wait till the heli pass's you to start the loop........that keeps it from being right over your head.

And like was said try it high can get away with anything if you do it high enough!! I never used a sim either.
Good luck dude
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09-05-2006 07:00 AM  14 years ago


Hamilton, New Zealand

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I have an idea -
borrow someone elses

...says he who keeps being chicken and not looping...
Pete, Trex500, Trex600E, Streched 600, DSX9, DX7, Low-volt alarms - check the gallery for my alarms
09-05-2006 12:08 PM  14 years ago


Limpopo, South Africa

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Agreed, height and rpm. The more rpm you have the faster and tighter you can do the loop without stalling the retreating blade, at 2000rpm it will probably stall as you enter the loop, leaving you somewhere between vertical & inverted with no forward speed. At 2600rpm you should be able to do a nice fast loop and keep forward speed all the way around, even 2400rpm will do but you’ll have to be more gentle with the elevator as your enter it.

Just before you pull up into the loop, give it more collective to start climbing then ease off a little on the collective as you get past the vertical – keeping the speed up in the first half of the loop is the difficult part, coming down the second half is easy.

Depending on how much speed you take through the loop and how tight you make it, you will either need a little positive collective at the top, zero collective, or a little negative collective if you loose too much speed. Be gentle on the elevator, abrupt or excessive elevator inputs will cost you forward speed.
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁Helicoptere-AlignOther › OK, in keeping with my nose-in lessons, what is/was your technique for learning to do a loop?

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