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09-04-2006 01:56 PM  14 years ago
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Saitama-Ken, Japan

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Futaba Gy611 setup/Bouncing Issue
Hello all. I have search about this topic and found nothing relating my issue. When I turn in both directions, the heli bounces back like a rubberband. It is more prononced at fast piro turns. Most of the topics and thread basically talks about the proper setup and not the issue I am having except with few.

My setup of the GY611 is as follows: ATV 126% both directions, gain is between 33 - 37%, mode is F3C, the servo arm measures at 17mm, and gyro is mounted with the provided tapes and plate. The heli is a Raptor 50.

I have tried changing numbers on the tracking function and the dalay on the gyro. I don't see any differnce in flight characteric nor did the problem dissipated.

If anyone have experienced this issue and can shed some light, please give us your inputs. Much thanks.
09-04-2006 09:29 PM  14 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Birmingham , UK

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Hi ya

I had exactly the same thing, a little bounce back in the opposite direction to the piro. Same in both directions.

Went through the set-up again, all as recommended.

I then moved the Ball out further on the arm, fixed.

So try moving the ball out one more whole.Just think the input was a bit sooner and sharper, so the piro stop where you stopped the input, i.e more responsive,so no over shoot and adjustment back

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09-05-2006 01:11 AM  14 years ago

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Saitama-Ken, Japan

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The arm is at it's maxed unless I get a circlar horn. Further inspection of the heli, I noticed when moving the tail servo arm left and right in avcs mode, the servo moves back about 4mm. This is the cause of my bouncing movement at a hover. You may say it could be a defect on the servo and or gyro; however, I have 2 GY611 and both are doing the same thing.

I've tried other heli with a 601 and it does give alittle bounce, but not as noticeable as mine and it locks better.

Was there a step I missed before turning on the gyro for the first time when taken out of the box?


Here is more info I found about my gyro. When I move full rudder stick movement on both directions, I get full travel as set to the gyro atv. When I release the stick, the servo retracts back abit. It seems it goes back to the same place. If I reduce the ATV on gyro, it is less noticeable.

I have tried with with different channel just to eliminate channel 4 being bad. It reacts the same with when plugged in channel 1. As mentioned above, I have 2 gy611 and the problem is identical.

It appears my max atv travel inwhich I can set on the gyro is about 80% both directions. With this settings, I suspect I will have a slower tail respond movement.

Help please.
10-10-2006 07:14 AM  14 years ago


santa clara

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oh boy we have similar issue plus mine not having constant piro in fairly windy condition anyway i will try change the tail blades to diffrent one
this is on my trex 600....other than that problem everything just work very well
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10-10-2006 02:37 PM  14 years ago



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i had the same issue with my 611 but this was only in f3c mode
no problem on the f3d mode
10-10-2006 03:08 PM  14 years ago



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I have this issue on both my Logo 14 and my E-Raptor 50.

Ive tried many thing, nothing really helped fully, moving out on the servo horn helped a bit, but not fully.

I only get the bounce in one direction, the other is firm as hitting a brick wall.

in F3C mode its a bounce, in 3D mode its creeping back, distance travelled however is the same...
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