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09-04-2006 05:11 AM  14 years ago
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Cincinnati, OH

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Jazz vs Phoenix: Governor
The consensus is that the governor in the Jazz is superior to the one in the Phoenix. As far as maintaining a constant head speed, has anyone run a side-by-side comparison using a data logger, performing identical maneuvers, then comparing the data to see how different they are?

If both governors are set to maintain a head speed of 2800, and the Jazz keeps the head speed within 100 RPM's of the target and the Phoenix keeps it within 150, is it really worth the extra money for the Jazz?

I've been using the Phoenix 35 since I started with my T-Rex. I'll admit that the governor in the pre-1.5x days wasn't worth messing with, but with the newer software, it was worked quite well.

I'm slowly collecting parts to build a second T-Rex, and I'm trying to obtain enough solid information to see if the Jazz is truly worth the extra money.

The initial startup, spoolup, and other settings in the Phoenix seem to be all I need. Are there additional useful features in the Jazz that anyone can comment on?

09-04-2006 07:37 AM  14 years ago


Edson, Alberta, Canada

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Sorry but this is the most common question coming about the RR forum period. Yes results have been compared time and time again, many will argue time and time again. However you will find in the end the result will in fact be that Jazz is a better controller and maybe you will have to see for yourself. Now back to not beating an allready dead horse, lol.

But in short for a quickie,,, the esc of CC has improved their startup and their transistion cushion between idel ups etc, however the one thing that is king on all Kontronic controllers is their governor, it is flawless and holds better than anything out there, period.
...Once upon a time there were Nitros, flybars and frequency pins...
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁Helicoptere-AlignOther › Jazz vs Phoenix: Governor

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