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07-23-2006 12:13 PM  14 years ago
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Major Bladbrakr


Aviano Italy

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Viper 70

I'm looking at a viper 70 kit that's on sale for $149.00. Will it accept the same electronics as the T-rex? (In particular, will a Neu 1107/2Y be sufficient?). How readily available are parts for this heli? Is it as high quality a bird as it's reputation makes out? Thanks!!
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07-24-2006 05:34 PM  14 years ago


Norfolk England

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I've just purchased a Viper 70 , and actually got the test flight in on Saturday . Flying lasted just a few seconds before the tail output shaft bent(and ruined the tail gear) . Apparently this is a common problem , there is a hardened tail shaft available - I would suggest that you fit his right from the start .
The swashplate looks to be flimsy , I doubt that it would survive any impact , and there is no provision for mounting your receiver/esc , you just have to put them where you can .
I fitted a 1550KV outrunner motor which weighs around 130grams , it's slightly smaller than the recommended motor , but should be good enough .

However , for the few seconds that I got to hover the heli it did seem to be fairly well locked in .
At the end of the day , it gets dark .
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07-29-2006 12:38 PM  14 years ago
january flyer


Lake Charles Louisiana 70601

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viper 70
Too stop bending tailshaft you need to balance the tailblades some comes a little off, just right & way off but you need to do this to ALL tail & main blade wood or carbon befor you fly I use the kit shaft and in stunt mode I use a flat 100 % THRO. CURV. . IF you get in a jam and you dont have a tailshaft you can use the Rap. 30/50 flybar as a tailrotor shaft it has the same OD just cut to size take of the black with some fine sandpaper put a flat spot on it and your good to go.
07-31-2006 08:20 PM  14 years ago


New Jersey

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Been flying one for about six months now. It's very stable when set up correctly. Mine is upgraded to all hardened shafts plus metal swash plate. running the H-8 motor and TP 2100 lipo. Carbon boom (Stock one is crap). Still using plastic blade grips, due to breaking clean right at the top of main shaft. saves alot of parts in a mild crash. My only gripe are parts are very expensive, also you must use the hard flybar, the kit one is too soft. You must balance all blades with this heli.(Stock Tails blades a must)

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07-31-2006 10:47 PM  14 years ago


Essex - UK

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I like my Stinger 3 (MS Composite version of the Viper 70) but you can see from my gallery it did take a far bit of work to get it flying real nice.
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