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07-22-2006 11:38 PM  14 years ago
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Mission, British Columbia Canada

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Bizzar rotor strike
Well I dont know if any one else has had this happen I was out in the back yard killing time while I do a water change on my Koi pond So I thought Hey what better way to kill time then do a few circits with my CX. It is a hot day for the west coast around 107deg. I was having fun in the sun with my CX untill I made a agressive manuver I heard a load THWACK THWACK and the CX droped from the sky like a stone when I retreived it I noticed some chunks out of doth the upper and lower rotors so my guess is I had a rotor on rotor strike I have never had this happen befor and I have made some much more aggresive manovers then this one. So this is a question and a warning has any one else had this happen if so what cuased. the warning is I think it is the hot sun and the BLACK rotor blades they not play well togeather and the blades go a little soft and flexable
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07-23-2006 12:10 AM  14 years ago


Southeast, MI

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It's possible even inside (ask me how I know!). Remember, the flybar (and only the flybar) is in control of the upper rotor, and the swashplate (you) are in control of the lower rotor. I think if you combine the situation where the flybar is moving the upper blades in one direction and you are commanding the complete opposite direction on the lower blades, blade to blade strike is possilbe.

More aggressive flying will make this situation more likely (or flying outside due to the wind disturbances). Remember, the flybar wants to counter every input you or the wind makes and bring the heli back to level.
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁Helicoptere-BladeOther › Bizzar rotor strike

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