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07-21-2006 06:04 PM  14 years ago
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CSM 560 gain settings
The CSM manual explains that conventional gain acts like a damper and HL gain acts like a spring to control the tail. Does the gain set by the TX affect these settings ?

For example, what happens if :-

HL = 66
Conventional gain = 45

HL Mode, TX Gain = 60 (accepting that on the gyro menu this would actually be be set up as 80%)

does it scale the HL setting = 60% of 66 points = 40 points

- is this the same as 100% TX gain and 40 HL gain ?

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07-21-2006 07:08 PM  14 years ago
Colin Mill



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Hi Suplex

Yes! spot on !

So if you like you can increase or decrease the internal gains by a common factor to re-scale the Tx gain range. If you are using JR's code 44 thing with its limit of 100% for the gain this can be useful to extend the gain range.

Best regards

Colin (CSM)
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07-23-2006 04:43 PM  14 years ago



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I am totally confused!

Where did you get these figures:
HL = 66
Conventional gain = 45
Are these the values set in the Gyro Sens menu in thr JR radio?

TX Gain = 60 (accepting that on the gyro menu this would actually be be set up as 80%)

I think i have this one! 80-50=30*2 =60

I guess I am confused about the 66 points!

Would I would like to know if I want lets say 75% gain on HH and I could care less about conventional mode what would my settings look like in the Gyro sense menu on a Gyro radio
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