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07-20-2006 02:49 PM  14 years ago
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sutton surrey england

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witch heli
hi all.out of these 4 heli`s witch do think is best fo a newbie, venon night ranger 3d, e-sky honeybee cp2, walkera dragonfly 22e v2, century hummingbird elite pro. thanks for any help john
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07-20-2006 03:22 PM  14 years ago


Bethlehem, PA

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I thought witches flew broomsticks !

Seriously though, I can only speak personally for 2 of the 4 you mentioned and I will comment on 1 from the loads of posts I have seen.

1. The Venom Night Ranger has some issues right out of the box (as most helis do). I flew one and didn't care for it. Not very stable, felt underpowered, and just didn't feel smooth to me.

2. The HBCP2 is my favorite out of your list. Relatively speaking, more stable than the Venom but all of these are going to be a handfull at first. It is just how the smaller helis are.

3. Walkera gets a bad wrap on the boards. I have never flown one, and would never purchase one based on the things I have read. However, without owning / flying one this is just an educated guess.

4. No idea on the hummingbird. Never flew one or for that matter, seen one! I do know the hummers are popular.
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07-20-2006 03:29 PM  14 years ago


ocean springs, mississippi 39564

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stay away from the walkera dragonfly 22e v2 had one
i had to order parts for if over seas and it would take 1to2weeks
to get parts my blade cp flew better than the walker.
i was at my shop one day and was hovering the walker and it came a part in mid hover slung the blades a part pick it up and throwed it in the dumpster. if you are going with a micro helicopter check local
hobbie store and see what parts they stock
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07-20-2006 04:36 PM  14 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Western Australia

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Well from what i know, the Walkera IS a Venom 3d.
Walkera number 22.
I know that i bought a FP Walkera 4 and that IS indeed a Venom NR2.
Look up the Walkera 22, looks identical to the VNr 3d except for color.
I actually wouldnt recommend getting a CP heli this small as a first heli. They are twitchy little birds and take time to get used to.
Personally Id buy a Zoom 400 V2, keep it stock and learn to fly on a cheap bird like that which is known to be very stable.
However, I have no experience with the other birds you listed except for the 3d pro. Aside from slop in the tail grips (easy fix) and a weak crown gear ($56 belt drive fixes it), its a very good quality heli for the money, and unlike the others it has no stupid tail motor which WILL burn out in short order.
Pro also comes stock with a brushless motor and esc, major plus there.
Anyway, just my 2 cents here
For the love of the hobby
07-20-2006 06:10 PM  14 years ago


Bethlehem, PA

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Good info Gorn.

As a side note, I have taught 2 people to fly with a BCP. Granted, they had supervision for their first few tries and a mechanic (me) on call. Only 3 crashes between the two of them before they were able to hover on their own. Not bad!

As far as it being the ideal first heli, probably not. But if you do learn on a twitchy little bird it will make you that much more of a pilot. Moving up becomes a dream!

Anyway, if budget allows, the Zoom idea sounds great.
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