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07-20-2006 04:22 AM  14 years ago
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Help set-up T6XH Radio
Hey all, I have a hawk pro, and I have been using my t6xh radio for a while (I had a beater nexus before that I used it on). I have progressed past hovering and well into fff with no problems. I can't afford to upgrade the radio just yet, but I would like to get into some acrobatics using this remote. I have the os32 in it as well.

I have set up my pitch curves to be -10 0 +10 in all flight modes (normal, idle up, and hovering). My idle up throttle is 100%. Is there anything that you guys can give me a heads up on? If I try to go inverted, will I be able to using this remote? I have used this remote with G2, and have no problems with the acrobatics and inverted, but how realistic is that?

I know, I know, upgrade the remote.... but until then....
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