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07-20-2006 02:40 AM  14 years ago
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Chattanooga, TN - USA

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Got Gas?
I currently have a Raptor 50 with OS Hyper 50 and MP2. It runs very sweet, I love it, and it will do anything I ask....reliably. However, I have had extremely good success and enjoyment (and savings) by using gas engines on my giant scale planes, and now I would like to get a gas heli. I have read a lot of posts, and at one time I was hoping to perhaps convert something like a Raptor 60 to a gasser.....maybe even using the new BME 91 gas modified ST, but I decided I don't want to do the aditional modifications.
So I would like your feedback on a good "first gasser" to purchase. I have been leaning toward the Century Predator, but only because it seems to be in my general price range (900-1200), and it seems to be similar to Raptors in the fact that parts count is low, parts are generally available and resonably priced. Please provide any pros or cons for Predator (including whether the 231 engine is acceptable and reliable) and feel free to suggest other gassers if you think they are a better choice. I will likely fly the gasser with normal aerobatics (hover,loops, rolls, piros, inverted, etc), and I have a video camera mount I intend to use fairly frequently for airborne AV.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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07-20-2006 02:08 PM  14 years ago


Franklin, MA - USA

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I'm a Minair flier, been so for 9 years. I've flown the 1005 gasser over 1500 flights and now have the Spectra-g since last fall logging over 100 flights on that so far.

I can say that the Minair machines are very well supported with a good supply of parts all around the country as well as older machines like the 1005 can still fly as every Minair machine is supported to stay in the air even though it is no longer manufactured.

As far as flight both the 1005 and the Spectra fly really well, the Spectra has the edge on 3d performance but for some reason my configuration of the Spectra weights MORE than the 1005 though I originally thought it was going to weigh less. Maybe its in my setup but nevertheless it flies really well regardless. What you get with the Spectra is the new design frames (fury style) with CCPM whereas the older 1005 is mechanical mixing.

I cannot say too much about the Predator as I don't own one though I've seen people fly them and they seem quite good. As far as quality I would say they are not as up there as Minair machines and I've heard people having trouble getting parts sometimes on RR here.

That is not to say that every machine needs to be worked out/debugged to get it to fly the way you want to and such. I had to make some adjustments on my 1005 as well as my Spectra and learn certain ways to do things to get the machines to fly good and eliminate issues.

I think your best bet would be to get something that either other people in your area fly or is easy to get supplies and parts for. Experience from other pilots is the best value though as it will get you through the hurdles alot quicker and you will be enjoying your machine sooner than later.

I, like you, used to fly all Nitro. Back in 1997 I decided to get my first gasser, the Minair 1005 and I loved it so much I sold most of my nitro planes and first nitro heli (concept 30) and bought my first giant scale gasser, a Carden 30% Extra 300. Since then I now have 4 gas airplanes and 2 gas helis and I pretty much don't fly nitro. I did keep my Ultra-sport 60 with OS91 4 stroke as I built that from a kit myself (my first and last kit build!) and I do fly that from time to time. Once you fly gas, you're not going to want to go back to nitro any more!

MA 1005 Hanson 27 3DMax, 4488 flts
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Whiplash V1-2 Hanson 300, 2090 flts
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07-20-2006 05:11 PM  14 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Utica, NY USA

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I think your best bet would be to get something that either other people in your area fly or is easy to get supplies and parts for. Experience from other pilots is the best value though as it will get you through the hurdles alot quicker and you will be enjoying your machine sooner than later.
I second that … if that opportunity is available to you.

I have seen Raja’s machines and they do have a look of higher quality but I have a Predator that I think gives the most bang for the buck. We are both modelers. He has reinforced sections of his frame and I have completely rebuilt my lower section frames out of stainless and aluminum. Neither of us had to modify what we had to make it fly but we did anyway.

You’re going to go through a learning curve coming off from nitro and going to gas. You will love the economy if you do not expect the heavier machine to do what the light machine will do. A ¼ scale gas plane does not fly like a .30 size combat plane for instance. Not that there is the same amount of difference between a 60 glow and gasoline helicopter.

Good luck in your choice.

What could be more fun?
07-20-2006 05:38 PM  14 years ago


Northern Hemisphere Ont.

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Years ago I tried gassers with the MinAir 1005 and the TSK Mystar GS. They were OK but did not perform with like my 60's of the time. SO I was not enthused about gassers until I tried a friends Predator at a funfly - I was impressed. So the next week I bought one.

I have had the Predator Gasser with the G-231 for awhile now, and really am liking it. It's power feels like something between my 60's and my 90's - closer to the 90 as the torque of the engine is much greater then that of the 90's.

It will 3D with the best and at only a 12 lbs. 4 oz. all up eight it autos like a feather.

And never any issues....really a friendly flyer.
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