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07-19-2006 05:18 AM  14 years ago
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Hector Wood


Forsyth, Missouri

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PCM for RC
What is the sampling rate for RC PCM radio's take for instance my JR9303 and is it the basic form of PCM or one of the other codings. Just wondering how it compairs to T carrier that I work with at the phone company. Correct me if I'm getting off base but 72 mhz would be the carrier freq, and then what is the bandwidth? Is that the distance they give us between channels? What is the sampling rate and what are the typical noise margins. What is our signal to noise ratio. I am taking a basic class on T Carrier this week at work and they are talking about all this stuff, just trying to find out how my heli stays in the air.

Thx for the input!
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07-19-2006 02:22 PM  14 years ago


Jacksonville FL

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AMA 77227
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