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07-18-2006 08:08 PM  14 years ago
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Old Lyme, CT

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Battery Fell Out?
It couldn't have been more than a foot off the deck, just beginning a tail-in hover, when the tail slammed into the ground. The tail boom bent up far enough for the main blades to wipe out the tail assembly and fins before the blades self-destructed (carbon). Something turned the flybar rod into an "S", without so much as a scratch on the paddles. The tail control rods were mangled, of course, and the tail servo horn was broken. The tail servo seems to be fine, though. Thank goodness for cheap servo horns!

No real idea what happened, except I found the receiver battery on the ground a couple of feet away. It may have fallen out. I had just dressed up the wiring and the only thing I can think of is I may not have strapped the battery back down. That would be a costly, stupid mistake!

The good news - there was enough of the tail unit housing left to make a really nice mount for a copilot sensor!
07-18-2006 08:45 PM  14 years ago


Corona, Ca

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Atleast you burried it into the ground, instead of your self our any one else! I really like the idea of putting a piece of heat shrink over the battery connection, but then again its impracticle due to the fact that I use multiple Rx batteries. If you only have one Rx battery then it would be an option.

Of coarse I know how to fly this thing, but if you see me running try to keep up!!
07-23-2006 02:28 PM  14 years ago
Jon the Rooster

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Johns Island, Charleston, SC

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Yea, my first loop got to close to the ground, fliped off my canopy & shot out my battery! Well at least I didn't have to worry about crashing in Idle up!and one more thing "DON'T BE AFRAID!"
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