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07-18-2006 01:04 PM  14 years ago
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Just wondeing if any of you guys had this problem before and how you solve it.
I was flying my Stratus and it was steady and no sign of vibration and if there's any I couldn't tell it just by looking at the fins while hovering then after two gallons of fuel I started having severe vibrations. The vibrations was so bad that the boom support bolts keep on backing-up and the canopy started wearing down the rubber gromets. There was no Crash and mind you it was smooth during the first few flights. Here's what I did so far but the vibrations is still present.

- Check all the bolts/screws.
- Ex-change the tail with my other Stratus.
- Ex-change the whole tail assembly including the boom and boom support from my other stratus.
- Change the needle setting thinking that it might be coming from the motor not running right.
- Taping technique to balance the paddle, main blade and tail blades.

Here's what I'm planning to do;

- Re-balance the fan
- Re-balance the tail

If you can give some input I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Pinoy.
07-20-2006 03:54 PM  14 years ago



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You may get more if you post this in the normal MA section rather than the electric section

1 - Check runout on fan
2 - check runout on Crank shaft
3 - Check runout on Output shaft to tail Drive and the condition of the dogbone coupler (white plastic bit) also check the bearings.
5 - Check uniball is not knackered
6 - Check dampers in fan are not worn out.
7 - Check balance of tail assembly (inc blades) using a high point
8 - Try a different torque tube
9 - Engine bearings ok?
10 - Check start shaft and clutch assembly particularly bearings

I think thats most of the stuff that could cause hi frequency vibes.

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