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07-18-2006 12:23 AM  14 years ago
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Not bad for 41$
Im sure everyone has seen the GY400 gyro from colco on ebay for 41$.Just for kicks I orderd one.When it showed up in about seven days it was packed in a nice hard plastic case.The instuctions are 80% futaba 401
right down to the pics.It is AVCS SMM,has limit trimm,remote gain NO DS or delay.after a little set up I flew it on my shogun se and it held the tail pretty good.very little tail kick out on hard climb outs
held good it the wind,and fff.Im not saying its as good as a 401 because its not.But its better than my align 500rce.and for the price i would buy one again for sport flying and mild 3d
Shogun 3DX SE Shogun V2 Blade cp T-REX XL Raptor 30V2
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