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07-22-2006 12:24 AM  14 years ago


North Weald, Essex, England

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I relate to your situation of flying well on a sim and not having the confidence to try it on the caliber..
Although a poorly running motor will not help your confidence at all.

I fly vey well on reflex xtr, achieving tail down ticktocks, side on ticktocks, nose in hovering, inverted flight and hovering etc etc. But flying my Caliber at the field I am only just doing full figure eights with no advance on that at the moment.
You have to be realistic and remember that the sim will progress you in your flying if used as a learning tool. By that I mean practice what you are trying to achieve at the field and not too much more, then make an effort to translate what you learn on the sim to your real flying. I think it's too easy for the sim to become a "game" if you don't set yourself "lessons" and stick to a plan.

I think the best sim advice I was given was "that every crash on the sim would have cost you $150". "so try not to crash that either"

Aside from all the scary bits of learning to fly a heli, the main thing to remember is "this is supposed to be fun".

So have fun, enjoy and stay safe.
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07-22-2006 01:37 AM  14 years ago


chesapeake, va

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i absolutely agree. i have gotten into the habit of when i fly, i can not fly again until i fixed the broken parts. just like you said, practice like it is real.Who keeps moving the ground closer to my heli?
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