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Greenville, SC

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Finally got my Gohbee in the air. It flies great. Very smooth and tracks well. I have not really done much yet. I am breaking in the 50 and have it running rich. I plan on leaning it out a little on the next group of flights.
I was impressed with the stability. It is very breezy today, minimum of 10 mph wind with higher gust. The Gohbee hovers perfectly in this wind. It also piros very well. I can do piros in one place better than I could with my Hawk. However, I think I had my Hawk nose heavy so that may have been causing troubles too. I have the Gohbee pretty much balanced with 1/2 tank of fuel.
I look forward to getting out there this weekend and tuning the 50 a little more. I almost have a gallon of fuel through it so it should be ready for some 3D.

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shakopee minnesota..USA

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Glad you like yours , i have 2 of them with around 5 gallons between them both and they fly great and do all the things you speak of, it has very fast cyclic and will roll on a dime if your not ready for it and this is stock , 1 of my stingers i have the TT snow whites 25 gram paddels on and i cant tell any difference from the stock paddels i left on the other one. so have big fun.

Hey I didn't ask for this fetish.!!!But I'am sure paying for it....

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