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Before I proceed with this endeavor, I'd like some re-assurance to know that it's really going to be worth the money. I guess when I bought the MX-400, I didn't realize that batteries were an extra 90 busck and a good charger was about 150. So, After I buy all this STUFF, whcih does my glow models no good whatsoever, and I buy the $20.00 aluminum center HUB, is it going to be worth it?????

By the time its all said and done this puppy is gonna have about $800 in it, geeze, I coulds bought a good used Bergen gasser for that! Please give me some encouragement that I've made a good choice with this electric machine.

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Just a couple of points:
Electric micros and nitros are 2 different leagues. Please dont be under the impression that these micros will fly as good as a decent nitro.

Electric micros are not any cheap, specially if you're considering best performance from them you will be adding lots of cost.

ie. these and nitros are apples and oranges.

If you were to compare the (m)x400 to others like trex or zoom etc, then there are good points and bad points. As far as i can say, it is very nice and stable machine. The design is nice., you will find a good comparison between trex and x400.

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Suffolk, Va US

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Is it worth it? Well, that depends on what you want. If you want a Bergen gasser, then probably not. If you want a heli that will fly anywhere and is cheap to fix, then it is a great deal. What you get with the x400 is more flight time due to convience. It can fly as well as a 90 or worse than a 30 depending on your head speed and setup.

If you are into hard 3D then you will need the rest of the metal head. For loops, rolls, and inverted flight, the shorter plastic arms on the head are fine. You will only get +-8 degrees of pitch max with the plastic stuff. I am getting +-12 easily with the metal stuff. The metal stuff also eliminates the play in the head.

As far as batteries, you can find them much cheaper than $80. You can get 2 Apex 2100s for $100. You can also get the TP 2100 prolites for $66 at The ev20 is another great pack for around $65 or so.

My setup:
CC phoenix 35 (with a ferrit ring)
Mega 16/15/3
eccpm (aluminum version from
gy240 with a futaba 3110 on the tail
futaba 3108 for the swash
Trex flybar and paddles (faster cyclic, but less stability)
Trex spindle shaft (all the local hobby store had)
Trex canopy (just because all my helis are yellow)
Trex tail pitch slider (ark220 is ordered and on the way)
All metal head with plastic grips
Stock wood blades
metal tail grips (tail spins at 13000 rpm with a 2600 head speed)

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And the Hyperion lipos seem to be promising at reasonable price.

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Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

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It takes me 2 seconds to decide if I want to fly my micro helis. I pick up the tx, slap on a fresh batt on the heli and walk out my front door. VOILA, i'm in the air in another 5-10 seconds.

With my raptor, I need about a week (or a day or to plan it just to make sure that I'm able to set aside at least a few hours to fly at the field on a weekend.

Hands down I like to fly the nitro birds, more pucker factor.... but since I am still quite new, I can tell my flying objectives for both are different. With the micros, I'm able to just thrash it around and try new things here and there. The nitro, well.... I'm more careful, not just for crashing reasons, but also for safety.

They each have their pros and cons... but the cost to maintain each is not much different. For the cost of a lipo compared to the same cost for fuel, the lipo can give you more flight for your money. With the gasser, fuel may cost lower but the machine costs more. And besides, I like hovering inside my house at 2 a.m.... I just could not get myself to fire up my raptor in my living room and hover for a few minutes...Even though I know some people done it (lolol)



DYNAX/OS91 : 9303/S649pcm : GY601/9251 : CSMRL10/9253 : 7.4vLipo/Regulator : KO2123s(ai/el/pi)

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Gloucester County, NJ

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It also depends if you have ever flown an R/C Helicopter before, If you have not then you might want to start out with a blade cx or something like that. It takes a lot of time and patience to learn how to fly and it can get a little discouraging when gravity decides to do its job. Although the parts are cheap, you will be replacing them.......A LOT. in the beginning any way. Tons of people warned me that it would be hard to learn on a 400 size machine but I didnt listen. I'm doing better now but still have a long way to go.
P.S. r/c sims help a lot.

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Wilkes-Barre, Pa USA

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Hi. My name is Dave and I started on a Nexus 30, got a Raptor 30 next, then a Venture 30 , which I later upgraded to a 50. I also was looking for something to hover in my living room at 2AM, but when I got my T-Rex and MX-400, I got sooooooo much more, I cannot find words to explain. So to put this as simply as I can, flying the MX-400 and its companion has given me SKILL beyond simply flying standard sized glow machines could have given me in a much shorter time frame. I finally brought my Raptor out after 2 years of collecting dust and found myself absolutely BORED with how non-responsive it is compared to my mini machines. This is only my opinion and I would weigh everything these experienced helimen tell you before you make your choice. If it were up to me, I'd go for it dude!! Crazy Dave

Dude, what did you do??

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