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02-12-2006 03:47 PM  12 years agoPost 1
Grant H

rrKey Veteran

Madison, WI

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I dont know why I have so many problems with my home LAN. Its completely unbelievable though..

Current problem.

I have a new Tablet PC running Win Tablet (same as XP PRO) and have put it on the network. It has built in LAN of course as well as Wifi. While going back and forth between other Wifi networks, my home LAN now doesnt work like its supposed to.

When I have my new computer hooked up to the LAN, it is logged into my "Home" network. At this point, all other computers can view and change files on my new tablet.

What I cant do with the Tablet is goto to the Explorer and then to "My Network Places". Under that, a person should have "Microsoft Windows Network" and under that should be your network, in my case it shows as "Home" like it should.

All other computers can do this when they can browse down to the "Home" network and see all other computers on it.
Even though my Tablet is logged onto the "Home" network, It is unable to bring up any computers on my "Home" network under "My Networking Places"

I have tried multiple things. I have tried each time setting up a network where I make the computer joing my "Home" network each time. The computer joins it, other computers can see and change files, but I can not View, let alone change files on other computers. Yes, SHARING is enabled on all drives on ALL computers.

And just while sitting here writing this, where I once could see "Microsoft Windows Network" and my "Home" network on my Tablet, I can now not. Now, nothing comes up under "My Networking Places" even after hitting multiple F5 for refreshing, where 5 minutes ago, at least it let me get down to see my "Home" network but WOULD NOT let me view any other computers on it. There are 3 others that it is not seeing at this point. Performed a REstart on the system. Nothing still comes up under it.
I am about ready to pull my f'n hair out on this one.

So my problem is that my new computer connects to my "Home" network, but doesnt not all it to browse other computers HDs. All other computers can see my new Tablet. Now, nothing is showing up under "My Network Places". Unbelievable. So, once I get my Tablet working on the LAN as its supposed to (probablby will happen after running Network Wizzard on ALL computers once again) and then remove it, it will not work like it did before.

Any help would be appreciated.

02-12-2006 08:05 PM  12 years agoPost 2


Vineland, NJ

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Try this.
Right mouse click on the conection you are using for your home network.
Go to properties..
Go to the TCP/IP properties
Click the Advanced Button
Click on the Wins Tab
Click on "Enable Netbios over TCP/IP
and hit ok Until your out of the properties.
Reboot and let me know if that fixed it


02-13-2006 02:07 AM  12 years agoPost 3
Grant H

rrKey Veteran

Madison, WI

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Thanks for the suggestion..

Nada.. Not anything.

All other computers can browse on it it(tablet). Now, Nothing comes up under "My Network Places"

Edit. Ok. Didnt do anything. Just let it sit there like before and it all of a sudden worked.. I know. Its insane.

02-13-2006 12:37 PM  12 years agoPost 4


Athens, Texas

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I think what you're seeing is typical of a built in function called Computer Browser. It is a service Microsofr created years ago that starts communications with other Microsoft computers on the same network segment after the network is plugged in. In this case you seam to be switching between a wired and wireless connection. Because the Computer Browser service is not instantaneous it sometimes takes several minutes to show up in My Network Places and rarely it doesn't even show up.

Generally you'll need to wait about 5 minutes after connecting to a network to be able to fully utilize My Network Places. I'm making some assumptions that your settings are pretty standard so let's this and see what happens:

-- After connecting the tablet to the connection that tends to NOT show up in My Network Places (the connection giving you the most problems) let's restart the Computer Browser service. Right-click on My Computer then choose Manage. This opens Computer Management. Click the plus sign next to Services and Applications. In the right-hand pane scroll down until you see Computer Browser. Select it then right-click it and choose Restart. By restarting the service you will force the local browser service to prompt an "election" between your networked computers. After 2 to 5 minutes the list should be complete and able to be viewed in My Network Places.

As stated earlier - I'm making some assumptions here and this doesn't always work. However it won't hurt either!

Let me know if you make any progress...


02-13-2006 12:57 PM  12 years agoPost 5
Drunk Monk


Preston, UK

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To speed up connecting to other computers, you could have a shortcut to a shared folder on each machine, then clicking on the folder would force a connection to the other machine rather than waiting for it to appear in notwork places.

When you connect to the network the computer kinda shouts out "Is anybody there?" and waits to get a reponse. When you clicked a shared folder on another computer via a short-cut the computer already knows what the computer is called etc, so can go straight to it usually.

That's what I do with mine and it works ok. The other thing you can do is browse via IP address, fix each computer with a fixed IP, then go to the run and type in the ip address and that may connect you quicker than waiting for them to appear as well but I think the shortcut to a folder on a remote computer would be quicker for you.


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