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First post!

I am very interested in learning to fly rc helicopters. I have done some light reading of many threads here. I have bought a G3 simulator and will practice before attempting with real heli. I am not asking the tireless question about which heli is the best. All of my reading leads me to the Raptor 30 V2. At the moment, I only want to learn about the basics of flight. I do not want to have to upgrade anything atleast for the first summer. I will use the Futaba 401 gyro with the super servo. I am working on a limited budget so a new radio at this stage is not possible.

Will the Raptor V2 require any upgrades or will it fly out of the box?
Is the OS 37 worth the extra money compared to the TT39?
I want to use my Optic 6 radio with the Hitec 8 channel rx. Any reason why I shouldn't?
Is a governor necessary at this stage?


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First Welcome to the ADDICTION!
The raptor 30V2 Will fly right out of the box, I know I have had two of them and set up about 25 of them. The OS 37 is a GREAT choice for the engine, at this time if you have the money, invest in the Muscle pipe 2, if not just use a regular helicopter muffler. As for the govenor, its not necessary at any time, I fly alot of F3C and MILD 3d and I have yet to install a govenor. As for your radio, I don't know enough about the Optic 6 to say yes or no.
Good luck and if you can try to find someone in your area that flys Helicopters and ask for there help in both setting up and first flights

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OS .37 will go a long way with you.. You will outgrow the .32 soon, and since you are a newby, you dont want tuning issues that TT.39 has..

If you go the .37 route, make sure you get a MP2, Hatori OR Toki muffler... The 30 sized muffler will greatly undermine the engine's performance...

just my $ .02

Crash-Prone and overcoming it!!!

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HomeAircraftHelicopterThunder TigerOther › Raptor V2, Optic 6, but which engine?
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