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02-07-2006 12:58 PM  12 years agoPost 1


Leicester UK

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Hi to all,
with alot of help from ericchevy here on RR I will be getting a 1005 gasser to replace my kalt baron gasser. Was wondering about blades as I have some hirobo freya blades that are symetrical but have some twist in them like full size to help with autos. Is this called an S blade , i keep reading about them? I cant do much more than loops and rolls so should they be ok for this heli?
Blades are 680 mm

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02-07-2006 02:09 PM  12 years agoPost 2
mike lewis


northeastern AZ

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I am never surprised to see the combinations that will work, but I personally like a longer blade. If you want to master the auto and as well other maneuvers the longer blades will carry you through in a way that a short blade just doesn't have the ability to do. If you have a chance to barrow a longer blade or could afford to buy a set of used 710's or 730's just to get a feel for them I suspect your next add on RR would be to sell your shorties. Give em a try and I think you will be pleased and quite amazed at how they auto.

02-07-2006 07:47 PM  12 years agoPost 3


Zevenhoven The Netherlands

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Hi All,
I have a X-cell 1005 with the normal 31,5" long tailboom this together with 95mm tailblades.
The Max. size blades you can use are 710mm long.
I use the SAB's 710mm.
You can upgrade to a longer tail Kevin, that would be an 33" long one together with drive which goes along with it.
The blades on (your)X-cell Kevin are from Koedam, symmetrical 680's and weigh 200 gramm which seems quite heavy.
My SAB 710's(part. nr 0223) blades weigh 180gram for compairison.
So it seems that the Koedam 680 blades would do auto's very well Kevin.

02-07-2006 09:55 PM  12 years agoPost 4
Dr. Fibinotchi

rrKey Veteran

Sioux Falls SD

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I have the 710's with 105's sab and a 33" tail. They fly very good for 3d. Keep in mind these blades in themself with light paddles leave little energy in the head to auto in, but combine with a more normal 30g paddle and you will have very nice auto with 3d capable to a point.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterGasser Model RC HelicoptersOther › blades 1005 gasser
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