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02-07-2006 05:02 AM  12 years agoPost 1

rrElite Veteran

San Diego, California

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Obviously blades and a motor, but what else? Is it neccessary to use the push/pull levers? I think this may be the answer to my other recent post about a doggy 30..Does Hirobo have a conversion kit?

02-07-2006 11:26 AM  12 years agoPost 2
Professor Fate

rrKey Veteran

Goose Creek S.C.

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Yep, Hirbo does have a convet kit. I don't know the Pt#.

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02-07-2006 11:47 AM  12 years agoPost 3


New England

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there is a conv kit, (dont remember the # though)
which has just....

engine mount
fan hub
new gearing
throwaway muffler ( )

which is all you REALLY need. the pushpull is nice though

02-07-2006 12:11 PM  12 years agoPost 4

rrElite Veteran


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The Evo 50 comes with a driven tail, push-pull controls and the motor mount, flywheel and pinion for the 50-sized engine.

To do a complete Evo 30 to 50 conversion, you will need the following parts which will run you about $150 total:

* Evo 50 Engine Set (412160)
(includes flywheel, clutch bell/pinion, engine mount and 50-size muffler)

For the driven tail, get the following
* DTDS Main Gear Set (412215 and 412216)

To upgrade to push/pull controls, the following parts are needed.
* HPM Push Pull Set (412220)
* HPM Push Pull Linkage Set (412223)
* FZZ Bearing Set (2500073)
* 5mm EX Ball Set (2525006)

Other than that, all you need are some 600mm 12/4 main blades. I also recommend longer tail blades. The Freya 92mm blades are an inexpensive option.

Personally, I run the white version:

Symmetrical Tail Blade L=92 - White (404566)


02-07-2006 07:16 PM  12 years agoPost 5


Punta Gorda, FL

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I think it is just about as cheap to but the ccpm conversion as the linkage. The CCPM converion kit comes with all the pull pull already. I have flown many that did nothing with the linkage and they flew just fine.

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02-07-2006 07:33 PM  12 years agoPost 6


wheat ridge,co

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If your 30 was a standard Sceadu like mine was, you will need the EVO 50 conversion kit and the motor mount and flywheel kit. The conversion kit comes with everything to make it an EVO. New main frames of better material, new servo tray, push/pull linkage, EVO style seesaw and elevator assembly, 3rd bearing block for main shaft,new blade grips and the DTDS type gears. All this (plus motor and 600mm blades) makes it an evo50, conv. kit $150, motor mnt kit $75. If I had to do it all over again I would have just spent the extra $154 and bought a new kit, I think they have some improvements on the new kits. I think the push/pull linkage is the way to go, might be part of why it flys so good. Although if I ever figure out where my tail wag or twitch problem is, I will be a lot happier with this heli, it flew great as a 30, but now as a 50 it's 10 times better even with my mystery problem.

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