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01-15-2006 03:53 PM  13 years ago
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R90SE Boomstrike! What kind of damper ?

I have my R90SE about one year and flown it about 70 times.
To prevent form BOOMSTRIKE. I use 80 degree red damper and add three shim washers between rotor grip and damper.
This setup was happy and great until I do piroflip last week.
MY R90SE was BOOMSTRIKE when doing piroflip.
After crashed my friend tells me he always replacement new damper after 30 times flown.
Is it the best way to prevent form BOOMSTRIKE?
I think it's very inconvenient!
What kind of damper are you use?
Someone tells me aluminum damper is the best way.
Is there someone else using aluminum damper?
How do you do to prevent boomstrike.
I need your advice.
I don't want to boomstrike again!
Thank you!
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01-15-2006 03:57 PM  13 years ago
Grant H

rrKey Veteran

Madison, WI

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Yes, The dampners do wear out. They are just a hard rubber.

I suggest changing them out at leaset 2 times a season depending on how much flying you do.
01-15-2006 04:57 PM  13 years ago


Northamptonshire UK

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These dampers will prevent it happening again!;cPath=65
01-15-2006 07:12 PM  13 years ago
M S Robinson



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Have you got the blade grips nice and tight so the blade can't swing back when you load the head so the rpm drops. If they are too loose they can swing back and catch the boom.
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01-16-2006 01:21 AM  13 years ago

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The best most of us raptor guys have found is the infinivation dampeners. I got mine from East coast extreme heli and ordered the upgrade oring kit. I can run my 90 SE without the hub center pivot pin installed. Also like M S Robinson said make sure your blades are not to loose as they can fold slightly under high load situations and cause a boom strike. It also depends on blades. If you are using a soft 710 blade it can flex alot more than say V blades and cause some issues that way.
Hope this helps
01-16-2006 04:25 PM  13 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Huntsville, Al

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I punish my raptors on a reg basis and have had no issues with Red Dampners or CX dampners.. I will be testing the new infinivation dampners soon as one of the red pair wear out. If you boom struck during the maneuver you more than likely did not have your blades tight enough and bogged down about folding one or both back slightly.

To prevent boomstrikes
Run good dampners check and lube often if using Red dampners.
Tighten your blades more.. The days of the loose blade during training are long gone once you start 3D'ing

Sorry for your loss
Proud member of the Quick UK, Duralite Flight Systems, V-Blade, & KBDD team
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterThunder TigerOther › R90SE Boomstrike! What kind of damper ?
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