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12-11-2005 09:14 PM  15 years ago
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Lipo question
I charge my Tanic 14.4 2450 pack full and I put it up and 1 day and a half later go fly and this pack has no charge in it. I bought 2 of these packs used and they both seem to charge to 15.3 volts ,,isnt that how you tell they are good , by what they charge to? Now I dont have a balancer do you think I might have a bad cell ? Whats a cheap balancer to get ? anyone know? Thanks and Merry Xmas
12-12-2005 07:31 AM  15 years ago

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A 4S pack should charge to 16.8V and read at least 16.5V if you check it an hour or 2 later. It should stay above 16V for many days, if not weeks.

The Tanic packs I have came with a JST style connecting lead for balancing so you dont need anything extra. Just put connectors on the other end to match your charger then use the JST to charge each cell one at a time. If you didn't get the lead with the batteries you can probably find one at your local hobby store, it is a standard connector. Dont forget to set your charger to its single cell setting! If you're using a charger with an information display, the intial state of each cell and charge quantity taken might help you figure out if there is a faulty cell.

Dont try to use a balancer like the TP one with "Tanic taps". You'd need to make up a lead with several JST connectors on it, and if you ever plugged it in with the connectors in the wrong order you would at the very least not balance correctly, and quite possibly break something too!
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12-12-2005 08:46 AM  15 years ago


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A fully charged Lipo battery should be about 4.2 volts per cell. If you are running 4 in series then that would be 16.8V as mentioned before. You should not ever allow these batteries to drop below 3V per cell (12V on 4s) as im sure you already know.

As mentioned by Rob_T do not use a balancer on Tanic batteries. These batteries should be balanced by individually topping off each cell through the tanic taps. Another thing about these batteries is you should store them between 3.6-3.8 volts per cell. You should be ok for leaving them charged overnight though.

Contact Brian at 1-800-RCTOYS-6 or e-mail him at
He will be able to repair your packs and is a really great guy to deal with. He is the guy that makes these packs.
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