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12-01-2005 09:48 AM  12 years agoPost 1



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hey whats up just trying to find some cf upgrades for my caliber .30
my fleet has grown scince ive started and would like to have one stock and
on up graded with some carbon fiber LOL where can i get sooooomeeee
thanks in advance

the newbie fleet so far is::::::
1 concept 60 my trainer which bit the dust so its in the hanger for now

2 caliber .30 stock cause it bit the dust while learning upside down hover
for some unknown reason engine lost maddd power while inverted didnt get it out in time but minor damage only. thanks to the 60 expierence..

3 caliber .30 stock bought it to replace the above #2 while parts arrived
couldnt be with out flying and plus got it cheap as in $250.00 brand new in
box and never flown and engine with no breakin, radio, servos reciever, cheap gyro, starter, starter rod and nicad, and some extras

so i want to mod #2 as its already in the shop spread all over the table what ya recommend what is really good to upgrade for some acrobatics lol
any metal, cf parts..... thanks

12-01-2005 03:14 PM  12 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Redding Ca.

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Try here,,,C30 pars and GREAT service

QUICK! ,,,can someone turn the gravity off for just a second,,,,

12-03-2005 02:38 AM  12 years agoPost 3


Cedar Rapids, IA

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Not to be snippy or anything, but with that track record you listed, the best upgrade you can buy that will be useful is fuel -- and burn it in your Caliber #2 about ten mistakes high for awhile.

The CF and CNC bling won't make you a capable pilot, but the fuel will.


12-03-2005 04:32 AM  12 years agoPost 4

rrKey Veteran

San Diego, CA.

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Two maybe three upgrades for durability might be useful at your level.

1) A metal swashplate; The stock one wears quickly and gets sloppy. A tight swash will help anybody.

2) The metal counter pully w/upgrade one-way bearing; There have been too many reports of the stock one-way failing.

Others you might want to consider,

3) The upgraded clutch bell; Especially if your using the .37 or bigger engines although the stock one is surprisingly tough.

or Radio tray stiffener; Not really needed unless you are getting into harder aerobatics. A tight set-up never hurt anybody.

or An adjustable set of pushrods; The stock ones wear quickly, are not always the ideal length (making for compromised set-up) and are made of softer metal than most rods. Again, not really needed unless you are starting to fly hard and a makes for a better set-up that you can really tune in.


Viva La Airtronics!

01-03-2006 06:09 PM  12 years agoPost 5


Bagram, Afghanistan

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Hear are the Caliber 30 parts that I have new in the Bag:

The prices shown are those of NOT THE PRICE I’M ASKING FOR!
I will sell as a group for way less! Just tell me what you need and make an offer or I’ll give you a reasonable price. Save Lots of $$$
CA3009, Stabilizer Bar (Flybar) $6.99
CA3012 Mixing Arm Caliber 30 $9.69
CA3041 Washout Arm CA30 $6.09
CA3042 Washout Arm Link CA30 $4.89
CA3068 Tail Rotor blades CA30 $8.29
CA3067 Tail Rotor Grip CA30 $9.79
CA3049 Tail Boom Support Tube $11.99
CA3060 Vertical Fin Set CA30 $7.49 (New, but not in bag)
CA3013, Ball Ends
Z8017, Ball Links (x2)
CA3043 Servo Frame Set CA30 $18.99
CA3057A, Tail Pully Case (R)
CA3029 Brace CA30 $12.99 (I also have 2 complete skid assy. New and together)
CA3030 Skid $13.99
CA3005 Main Rotor Grip CA30, $15.49
CA3065 Tail Pitch Link ST CA30 $7.99
CA3073 Head Linkage Set CA30 $8.49
96694 KYOE3403 1-way unit CA30 (1 way bearing) - $8.99
CA3014 Clutch Shoe CA30
CA3031 Body Set Caliber 30 – 3 new with stickers
**CA3509 HG Servo Plate B (for EMS)-
This is an aluminum side rails with supports to stiffen up your servo tray. It works really good!!!**

These are Slightly Used Parts but in good shape
CA3048 Tail Pipe (Boom) Ca30 – I have 2 in black. 1 is new, the other has a very small dent.
CA3016 Clutch Bell w26t – I have 3. 1 is almost new w/ clutch lining, 2 are used with no clutch lining
CA3023 Drive Pulley CA30 – Have 2 in good shape
CA3051 Tail Drive Belt CA30

Complete Tail boom assembly with supports (Like New)

More used parts
CA3058A Hor. Fin CA30
CA3059 Hor. Fin Holder CA30
CA3052 TR Servo Frame (Mt)
CA3028 Fuel Tank CA30
CA3034 Muffler CA30 for OS32

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