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11-30-2005 05:59 AM  12 years agoPost 1

rrElite Veteran

Atlanta, GA

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Hey everyone,

I just got me a new Trex and I love it. A very stable machine. I fly nearly everyday inside to further progress my hovering skills. I am capable of side in in both directions, but the orientation isn't "natural" like tail in. I still have to think about it and my goal is to get it to the point where it is 100% natural like tail in. Anywho, I've been flying without the canopy and something very peculiar is occuring in my mind. When I'm looking at the Trex from the side, I always feel that it's tilted towards me. Thus I tend to overcorrect. The thing that really bothers me is that, when I'm in a stable side in hover low to the ground, it looks severely tilted and looks like it's headed for a crash. At this point, I'm forcing myself not to give stick inputs. So at this stage I'm "reacting" to what the heli does and not "anticipating" (like I do in tail in, correcting the heli before it moves). Does anybody else have this happen? Will putting the canopy on help the situation? I find myself very nervous in side in and really trying to get over that. So what do you guys think about this peculiar phenomenon?

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11-30-2005 06:45 AM  12 years agoPost 2


Sherwood, Arkansas

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Side In.....
What you are seeing is VERY common.... don't let it bother you too much, just keep practicing it and it will go away....
I would highly suggest adding the canopy though... it will help you with the oreintation, since you will have something larger and with some color..
But the bottom line is to keep on practicing it...

Good Luck, Stan

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11-30-2005 09:56 AM  12 years agoPost 3


Sun City, Arizona

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maybe try flying it alittle above or below eye level. The higher you fly it it will look like it's going away from you. And the lower you fly it it will look like it's coming at you. It takes time but you'll get it.

11-30-2005 10:40 AM  12 years agoPost 4



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The natural tilt of a heli in stationary hover will play tricks with you. Been there, done that.

when I have the bird with the nose to my left side its seems like its going to crash sideways away from me. When the nose is on my right side it looks like its going to slide sideways towards me.

Get used to it

I would be carefull flying too close too high. You loose perspective of what the heli is doing. Usually with me height and distance are correlated... the higher I am, the further away from me I fly.

like ManuelCJr1 said: keep it slightly above eye level... you should be out of ground effect and its a safe height in case one of the blades decide to depart


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11-30-2005 11:10 AM  12 years agoPost 5


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I had similar problems, then I started focusing on the main rota hub rather than the whole heli, all of a sudden hovering on all points became a whole lot easier.

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11-30-2005 01:09 PM  12 years agoPost 6

rrKey Veteran

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A heli will lean to one side in the hover. Which side depends on the rotation of the main blades so this is something you just have to get used to.

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