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Well, I've run out my last gallon of fuel and decided to do a post-season overhaul of my new Evo 30.

I purchased this model in Feburary, and have been VERY happy with it. Being one to tinker, I did some modifications during the build including:

- Upgrading to the Freya tail (hub, grips, 92mm blades).
- Upgrade to the push-pull HPM control.
- Mavrikk supergear and 550mm carbon blades
- Black tail boom from GPH-346
- Custom carbon boom supports
- CX dampeners
- Socket-head bolts with nylock nuts

As with all helis, there are maintenance items that come up. Here's what I found after 10 gallons of hard flying:

1. The stock counter gear for the tail drive was heavily worn. The teeth on the gear are now pointy. I replaced this gear with the Delrin one.

2. The plastic radius block held OK, but has developed a crack. Also, the washout has developed some slop. It was a hit to the wallet, but I've upgraded to the SD-G washout kit.

3. The collective pitch shaft (the pivot point for the large collective lever) was severely worn at the bearings. This showed up as play in the lever. I replaced the shaft and bearings, and used shaft lock this time to hold the shaft to the bearings.

4. I'm on my 3rd CY MP230Q pipe of the season. I'm not sure why, but I ended up cracking two of them from normal use. Let's hope the third one holds up.

Guys, that's IT. This Evo has held up to some very hard flying with very little fuss. The only part I needed for the whole season was a feathering shaft after I did a mild tip-over landing. After flying Kyosho models for years, this has been a real treat. I've decided to treat my heli with some 3D carbon fins and a driven tail. And next year, it'll be Wildcat CY30% only for this baby.


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edgewood, maryland

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hello when you get some time on it can you report how the delrin counter gear is compared to the stock gear. im thinking down the road of getting the compleat main delrin gear set and the counter delrin gear. thanks

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