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11-28-2005 08:09 PM  12 years agoPost 1


Piemonte, Italy

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New to helis I took all your advice and bought a Sim.

Flying Sceadu. (on sim)

2 weeks later I'm still not sure if all is well. Only just realised throttle stick down should not make heli take off! Instructions do leave something to be desired. Have reversed throttle and pitch on "assign channels " and I think it is now right. Is it?

Beginners told to disable pitch, expo and tail rotor mixing. Please, please, pleeaase, how do I do this on the FF9 super? Detail if you have time, haven't a clue what I'm doing!

What is expo mixing?

Too many questions? Sorry!

12-03-2005 05:34 PM  12 years agoPost 2


Torquay, England

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Sorry to see that no one has replied as I am also very much a learner.

It sounds like I have my transmitter set up differently as my right hand joystick I have elected to push forward for increasing the pitch and taking off.

Left right movement works the aileron or lateral cyclic!!!

Looks like I have done it back to front???

The left-hand joystick just appears far, far to sensitive and I definitely need to read up on how to adjust the sensitivity. Thank goodness this has only been on the simulator.

Here's hoping some very kind person put's us right,

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12-03-2005 07:13 PM  12 years agoPost 3


Newcastle UK

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I'll make an assumption here, you both have manuals for your Tx's.

Expo is short for exponential. What this means is that you can adjust the amount of throw in any given plane, relative to the amount of stick movement. You can for instance, on the 9 CHP, program a curve so that the first little bit of stick movement has only a small effect on the relative servo, but as you move the stick further the movement of the servo increases at a greater rate than the relative stick movement. To get the best idea of how this works it's a lot easier to have a Rx and servo hooked up and to just play either these settings to get the idea into your head. But, for a sim it's not unusual to set these to 0.

Now as for Revo tail mixing. This is a programable (again - hence the manual!) mix in the Tx. What this is about is that if your heli has only a cheap or mechanical gyro in it, for stabilizing the tail, you need to be able to increase the pitch of the tail blades at the same time as you apply more Collective pitch. This is to counter the extra torque from the main blades. The more expensive or modern gyros can do this on their own. Again you need to turn off (INH - Inhibit) any pre set mixes in your Tx for the sim.

This is the bit I always get wrong!
Mode 1 is where the Collective (throttle and Collective pitch) are on the Right Hand stick and Cyclic (Cyclic pitch - tip the heli forwards and backwards, Ailerons - tip the heli Left and Right) is on the Left hand stick. Most of us however fly mode 2, the other way round. Most of the Tx's also come in configuration 2, Collective on the Left Hand side. The gimbals in the Tx are set up for that, the Collective quite often having a click stop action for Throttle and Pitch. Ohh the Collective also has Left and Right function for the Rudder, this is the pitch of the Tail blades.

Hope this is of some help

Philip Martin.

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