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11-29-2005 05:40 AM  12 years agoPost 21

rrKey Veteran

Miami FL

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I find the biggest problem is that on the sim the view is always perfect and the heli is easy to see. When you are standing on the ground and the heli is above you the perspective is different, and the clouds and sun play a big part in it. I find the biggest hurdle for me right now is vision and visual orientation in real life.

I need to get my eyes checked...

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11-29-2005 11:14 AM  12 years agoPost 22

rrElite Veteran

Guayama, Puerto Rico 00785

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It all depends on how serious you're taking the sim practice. Myself, I fly about 80% of what I currently do in the sim, and try to stay within that number. I practice in the sim the basics maneuvers, the ones I'm currently doing, and the next ones I'm going to try.


11-29-2005 06:50 PM  12 years agoPost 23



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kaptkaos, yes I feel like my big problem is vision also. I need a better pair of sunglasses I think. Thanks everyone so far for all the great responses!

11-29-2005 06:54 PM  12 years agoPost 24

rrElite Veteran

Orem, UT USA

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Wait, I am supposed to have "skills" with the sim AND in real life? - DARN!!! Well, I guess I better start with one ...... back to the drawing board.

Seriously though, My real skills are quite a bit behind my sim persona. The lack of fear and unlimited crash repairs on the sim let me do anything I want. I know its not all in my head, some is in my wallet too I think when I can finally master the orientation issues in real life flight that my flying skills will begin to catch up.

Go Fly, Have Fun!!
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11-29-2005 07:13 PM  12 years agoPost 25



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Sim practice is good but in my case nothing compared to real life... I can beat the hell out of any heli on the sim but once I stand there on the field and look at the poor bird sitting in front of me, fingers sweating, knees shaking I think twice before I do something stupid.

I'm not part of that little group of natural talented ppl that hover on the first tank, FFF circuits on their second and tictocs on their third. I'm still wondering, are they so talented or are they just brave?

I'm in my late 20s moving to 30s and I know I'll never be an Alan Sazbo or a CY but I have time and patience and I try to have fun with my hobby. Will I do 3D one day? I hope so. Will it be this year? I doubt it.

The sim teaches you to get at ease with certain maneuvers so you know what you should expect on the field. The pucker factor at the field will hold you back though.

Btw, by mentioning the pucker factor I'm not referring to money... you shouldn't be in this hobby if you can't afford a crash. I'm talking about the the pucker factor related to the time and patience you spent building, trimming and tuning the bird.

Each time I put my Freya in an awkward position I'm not thinking: oh crap... if I dork it how much will it cost?... I'm thinking more like: oh crap... will I have to setup that pitch again?!?!

my 0.02 euro


"Perfection and patience usually walk side by side..."

11-30-2005 02:56 AM  12 years agoPost 26


South Georgia

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You're right tchavei, even though crashes are expensive, I
hate to think that when the thing is finally flying just so nice,
that something will go wrong, and there you are back to
setting up again.
I still clinch up flying, don't know why because my skills have gotten
alot better and I do a lot of parts checking.
I still enjoy the sim and now that I can practice inside
with the little Humingbird, I'll do some sim and then go fly a few minutes
with the heli.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › When did your real life skills catch up to your simulator skills?
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