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11-11-2005 12:44 PM  14 years ago
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Somerset, England

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Airtronics servos and Rx with Futaba FF9?
Hi all,

I have a Raptor 30, currently fitted out with Sanwa (Airtronics) RD6000 radio, however I have just obtained a Futaba FF9 Tx at great price (boy its sooo much better to use) :-)

Is it considered ok to mix Rx and Tx brand when running PPM (35MHz UK) ? It seems to run Ok on the bench / range check and my RD600 has always worked ok with my GWS Rx in Hummingbird.

Thinking of changing Rx to a Futaba PCM, and futaba servos also, the Sanwa SRM108 (Airtronics 94102) servos that are installed are quoted at 50oz/inch (3.6kg/cm), 0.22sec/60deg. I doubt I could afford 9202, prob more like 3010, which is still an upgrade to 0.2 sec/60 deg 72oz/inch.

I should just say I already have a GY401 gyro and S9253 on rudder, and am getting into forward flight, nose in hovering etc (but alot more ambitious on the simulator ...), so want somthing that will go forward with me into more sporty flying. Whatever Sanwa radio gear I have left over will then be sold on to help pay towards the new stuff.

Based on your experience what would you do, is the servo upgrade, and RX to Futaba PCM Rx worth it, or just stick with what I have for now?

Thanks! Anthony
Raptor 30
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11-11-2005 06:56 PM  14 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Northamptonshire, England

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Hey Anthony,

I think you will notice a real improvement in flight performance changing the Rx. and servo's as you have said.
Especially as you are now at the stage where basic hovering and moving into forward flight isn't a problem, as you are not just hovering around anymore.

The change to PCM will make the biggest improvement I feel as you will be going up in resolution steps, PCM1024.
Basically there will be more servo movement steps in the travel range allowing finer control and at the same time being more precise.
This is apparent also in people that have upgraded to the new Futaba 14MZ where again the resolution has risen from the traditional PCM1024 upto 2048. The greater the number the more precision in the servo movement.

Of course you will also benefit from better interference rejection using PCM.

Now, combine that with a better set of servo's, such as the one's you are looking at and it will be better still.
For the 30 size machine your not going to need really high power servo's, not even when you move into more aggresive 3D. High torque servo's are more important in hot 50 class machines and above.
I would say though if you can stretch to it, buy one even better Futaba servo such a 9202 / 9252 for the collective only as this is the only control surface where extra power is advisable, more so as you are aspiring to more in the future.

Just remember after fitting all this nice stuff that your onboard Rx battery pack will now be under more strain and hence not give you so many flights per charge. Perhaps fit a bigger capacity NiMh pack at the same time that the radio is being fitted?

As to if it's worth the investment overall, this is down to your funds ultimately. Also bear in mind that this equipment can be taken with you into another model should you replace the 30.
Ian Contessa
Team Robbe SchluterUK
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