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11-11-2005 04:10 AM  14 years ago
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Cave Creek, AZ

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Best Gasser?
Ok, the title says it all, what is the best gasser out there? All opinions welcome! Oh, don't forget to explain your suggestion!
11-11-2005 04:25 AM  14 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Victoria BC, Canada

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For what??? What will you be doing with it? 3D, AP. I don't think there is a best , everyone will have its down and up points, I think the best bang for the buck will be the Preadator Gasser, it will do everything very well.Victoria BC, Canada, Century Swift,Trex SA 450, Hummingbird V3.
11-11-2005 05:20 AM  14 years ago


Texas City, TX

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The two gasoline powered helicopters I've been exposed to the most are the X-Cell and Bergen's Intrepid. My flying buddy started learning basic 3D stuff with his X-Cell gasser years ago and it performed very well for him. I've had quite a bit of experience with Bergen's Observer and their Industrial twin. Both of them flew very well and gave us few problems. They were work machines and were carrying a fair mount of payload. Bergen's straight gasser, flying as a normal pod & boom model for fun will probably last you forever, assuming you're into routine maintenance and you don't crash! I've also seen a lot of Century's Predator gassers at fun flies and they seem to be pretty good too but I've never flown one.

Personally, Bergen's gasser ( would be my first choice for a gasoline powered sport machine.

Fly Safe,
Steve R.
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11-11-2005 09:07 AM  14 years ago

rrKey Veteran


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Not had much experiance with Gasser's but the ones that i have, have been the Predator gasser which seemed a nice machine but had a few small niggles like the swashplate collapsing and other small things.

The other was a Vario Benzin Acrobatic, now this thing was AWESOME!!!!

MA do a few gassers, the most recent is the Fury gasser called the Spectra G.
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