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11-09-2005 05:26 AM  12 years agoPost 1


So Cal

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Hi all,

I have been an aerobatic flier for decades. Alas, no field locally, so off I go to helis. Was this smart at age 68?

Voyager E was my choice for a first heli, plus Reflex flight sim, and both were good.

V-E instructions are excellent, no problems assembling; heli is very stable stock (but use 8-cells, NOT 7). Also, I can see it..

I "flew" Reflex for probably 20 hours before I flew my V-E. I could not find a "local" to help me, so I went alone. It's not like I am a flying beginner..

My first flight was in a small area in a 15 mph wind. I hadn't been to my PVMAC club for a year (too far away now that I have moved south), and it was a big surprise how much smaller the heli area had become. One half of my brain said, "Go home." The other half said, "You have just driven 37 minutes for this - go fly, just keep it simple."

This was a bit aggressive considering this was my first flight and there was the usual westerly 12 mph wind up but I cheated death for two charges! But during the third flight, as I was now obviously an expert flier, I flew over my head and lost her into the ground at a 25 degree angle trying to miss one of those damned 7-foot high trees that have been planted to make a future park.

The stock heli when crashed as per above will co$t you: main blades, spindle shaft, main shaft, two gears, tail rotor blades, a couple of the control linkage ends.

The good news is, Horizon Hobby will ZIP those new parts to you..

Further good news is, you can get an upgrade intermediate gear and hardened main shaft that will stand up to this sort of thing..

The problem of the real heli versus the sim is, for me personally, the real heli is MUCH slower to respond (the Reflex sim - great thing - offers a 3rd-party V-E download which represents a "3-D" upgrade, with fast response, which, ironically, I personally handle better than the actual slowness).

The sim also presents a "governor" heli, versus throttle plus pitch curve of the "real" thing. Well, many folks have flown curves with no issues, but for me, the double-hit of lower pitch and lower power at the same time has been more than my old thumbs have been able to manage reliably due to the delay I think.

Which is embarrassing, considering my aerobatics background.

Anyway, my V-E now has many swash and above pink anodized aluminum part$. I do not give up ea$ily! The pinkne$$ i$ good! Preci$e, and another $hallow landing/cra$h in flight 5 re$ulted in ju$t a new $pindle $haft and wooden main blade$. Upgrade$ rule!

Helicopters are a plastic-lined hole into which you pour money.

I am now ready to go forth again, this time to be successful, and then, after a few more successful flights, on to install the Hacker 8-L/Kontronics/MC Composit 420 stuff in the drawer.

This heli thing is "humble pie," considering I haven't crashed an IMAC or pattern model in ten years..

On the other hand, I know I will get this figured out v.e.r.y. soon.

Seriously, the V-E is a good beginner's heli, very stable, very gentle response. And parts come fast from Horizon Hobby. Later, get the upgrades, and then she is good for loops, rolls, point rolls, stall turns, inverted flight, Cuban Eights, and all those with "stuff" at tops and mid-points.

I promise!

The sky is NOT the limit. The Ground is.

11-09-2005 02:55 PM  12 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Ft. Worth, Tex.

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Stay with it, you will get it down, the Voyager a good helicopter and lot more stable than the little ones(T-Rex, Shogun, X400 and so forth), I'm on your back door, I'm 58. Len at RC Plus also has parts, he's the KSJ dist. Bobby

11-09-2005 06:03 PM  12 years agoPost 3


Redmond, WA

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The voyager is the smallest electric heli I'll fly. (I'm somewhat anti-microheli) I always have the pleasure in flying mine- even if it's not truely areobatic, but then again, neither is the real bell 230.

11-13-2005 09:21 PM  12 years agoPost 4
matt hogden


Newcastle NSW Australia

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Theres no better way to learn to fly helis when you fly by yourself than to buy heaps of spares. I take my VE with me everywhere. Its like my pet. It sits up in the front passenger seat of my car when we travell.

Seriously though, if you are ever going to travell past or through a town that has a reputable hobby shop or club, i would call in and have a sessioned heli flyer look over your VE and check your set up. Its amazing how much easier a correctly set up heli is to fly.

Good luck and keep with it.
PS.... Age is no barrier for this hobby.


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Other › Voyager E for newbies like me
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