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11-09-2005 04:46 AM  14 years ago
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Removable Rx & Battery
Wouldn't it be a beautiful world if there was some sort of modular connector that allowed you to remove your radio without constantly pulling the servo plugs everytime you wanted to fly a different model?

This would save on rx and battey expense if you ask me.

It would be a real cost saving if you ask me. This modular connector would connect to the servos, battery and antenna. It would add alot of value to me with the cost of good rx's.

What are your comments and has anyone also thought about this ideal?
11-09-2005 04:58 AM  14 years ago
FrittsLogic (RIP)


Honolulu, Hawaii

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You could definitely do this. Just figure out how many channels you use, take into account that you need only one pin for your ground, add everything up to see how many pins you need, then buy the apropriate male/female connector set (Radio shack?). But, soldering this would be a PITA and you might always be worried about how clean the connections remain after repetaed use. Any plug you could solder yourself would also be fairly large and heavy. But it certainly could be done for much, much less than the cost of an extra receiver. Hey, I might just try your idea on my next bird!We don't need no stinking flybars!
11-09-2005 05:02 AM  14 years ago


Cedar Rapids, IA

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If your multiple helis already have servos and gyros, and just need a receiver to be ready to fly, just buy another RX on your TX frequency, and install it. No need to move anything from heli to heli -- ever. Connectors have an upper limit on the number of mate/unmate cycles before they wear out. When that receiver has been around the block enough times, every thing you put it in can be at risk.

In the grand scheme, if you've dumped enough money into several helis and stopped short a receiver and battery pack in most of them, you've invested quite a bit of money already. The delta in cost by an additional RX and battery isn't that much more.

Unless your Transmitter is from the RC dark ages, it probably will store setups for multiple models.

I've currently got seven different helis, all ready to rock and roll from electric T-Rexes to a Freya, all dialed into my JR 8103 TX. Turn the TX on, select the model, all your settings are there and ready to fly.

And I've got three more empty slots in the TX to fill. Maybe a Caliber 5, a Kyosho EP 400 in the short term, and a yet-to-be released heli to fill out the menu.

And they all come out to play with me when I go fly. What fun!
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Removable Rx & Battery
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