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Puerto Rico

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I’ve been checking out the different lipo packs in the market and I was wondering…the Shogun manual recommends a 3 cell 11.1v 1600 mAh pack. I’ve been seeing packs with the same cell and V configuration but up to 6000mAh(TP6000-3S3P). So does more mAh equals more flying time? Whats the general rule about this? What are the limitations beside weight and size?

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La Vista, NE.

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get the highest capacity pack with at least a 10C discharge capacity that fits in the weight catagory you need. I think shogun's and what not to best with about 100g packs, but you can go up or down from there based on meeting the output requirement and what type of fying you are doing. For general hovering and ff, I'd say you could go with a 150g weight pack like the Thunder power 2100. For hard airobatics go with the new gen 18C TP 1320's.

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