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I have a JR 9303, and the ATVs (travel limits) go from 150%-150%.

Wouldn't it be easier to just say that 100%-100% is the entire length of servo travel?

Why are we keeping all of our numbers near 100% then? If you want to get the full 1024 steps out of a servo, why wouldn't you strive for 150%?

Reason I ask, is I have a 401 gyro, hooked up to my gear channel. Well the gear channel goes -150 0 +150. That being said, anything under 0 is normal mode, anything over 0 is heading hold (AVCS).

So, if I want to have, lets say 50% gain on my gyro. Where would I set the travel at? 50% of 150 is "75". 50% of 100 is "50".



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This could be a long discussion ... but to keep it short, two reasons why radio manufacturers provide more than 100% ATV are 1) servo differences, 2) aircraft differences. Not all servos travel the same distances; different aircraft have different setup characteristics.

Regarding why most folks recommend keeping ATVs near 100%, probably relates to keeping the gimbal-to-servo relationship as linear as possible. Basically from mid-stick to either end of the gimbal throw, you want to have a linear output (movement) on the servo to maximize performance. Some radios not only give you the extra ATV room, they also allow you to configure your gimbals over 100%, e.g the 14MZ allows such an adjustment across of channels with AFR and D/R.

On the 50% gain question, depends on the radio. Some radios keep 50% (mid-stick) constant regardless of ATVs; other adjust it to keep equal throws around mid-stick.

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Al Magaloff


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And sometimes we use the ATV for other things besides a servo's travel dimensions. So please, don't re-invent the wheel here. In the case of gain, we speak in terms of 100. But your RUDDER ATV controls the piro rate. 100% is falling asleep, 150% is nice!

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HomeRC & PowerAircraftHelicopterRadio - Servo - Gyro - Gov - Batt › Why do radio manufacturers make ATVs go up to 150%?
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